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Grab some graph paper and follow along. Capacity The low-end mini and high-end nano hold the same 4GB of data.

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Capacity matters, however, for those with music collections that fall in the range of 1, - 1, tracks. The 6GB mini is up to the task, the most expensive nano tops out at approximately 1, songs. For them, a 6GB mini is a good compromise. Display The nano could potentially lose ground here based on its tiny screen, but color means a lot.

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Overall the nano is far more responsive than the mini—moving from screen to screen, scrolling, waking from sleep. Battery life In tests where you punch Play and walk away, the second-generation mini wipes the floor with the nano—offering 26 hours of constant playback versus the 14 hours managed by the nano.

Those with older Macs that lack a USB 2.

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The mini is also far less likely to be destroyed than the nano if you put the iPod in your back pocket and sit down. A point for the mini. Give that one to the nano. Others find the mini downright clunky when placed next to the nano.

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The final factor is desire—how much you long for one iPod or the other, regardless of how irrational that longing may be. While the single-engined car is fairly sensible and practical, both Chris and Mathew will admit that the Twinni is demonic. Although fully road-legal, it tends to attract the wrong sort of attention and is something of a liability in everyday use. For one thing, it's the noisiest vehicle I've ever been in - and that includes an F1 car, which sounded tame in comparison.

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Just using half the available rev range made my eardrums implode. At the same time, the acceleration already felt positively vicious. Provided the rear tyres don't catch fire, it reaches mph in 7sec. Erin Baker. Chris Knapman. James Foxall. The brilliant Fiat made mass car ownership a reality when it was launched in Andrew Roberts remembers it with affection. Not only is the SL Gullwing the most recognisable and desirable Mercedes built, it's one of the most famous cars in the world.

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Need information on tyres? Find practical tyre advice, impartial help, and compare tyre prices. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast.

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Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Monday 07 October Mini madness. By Rod Kerr. The Twinni Motorcycle engines tend to be about half the size and weight of car engines, yet produce twice the specific output. Car manufacturers - news and reviews. Read more Motoring. Vote now and you could win an iPad.

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Watch reviews of the latest models. Head to the new Telegraph Cars YouTube channel for video reviews of the latest cars. Erin Baker Getting back on the bike. Chris Knapman Are cars becoming too fast? James Foxall Supercars are a super investment. Sunbeam Alpine: the first Bond car. Fiat at the car that got Europe motoring.

Compare tyres and prices before buying. History Expat. Crossword Blogs Dating.