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Once again, a Relic from the ancient Mysticus Orb has fallen into the wrong hands. Only Evan and Claire, with their unique mystical abilities, can help find it. His laughter echoes throughout the realm, as he spreads mischief and mayhem. An intriguing eBook that teaches you how to combine and harness their healing powers.

Includes: Astrology — Western and Chinese, creating your own unique Stone Tarot set, balancing your chakras with Natural Synergy, Selected cultural uses of Stones, Colors, Aromas and Herbs, natural methods for healing your pets, choosing wedding flowers that reflect your personality and Imaginative ideas to incorporate Natural Synergy into your life!

I just took the plunge into self-publishing this year scary! It tells of a mysterious woman who stalks the night, hunting her victims. Clothed all in black, some even claim that her eyes glow. The protectors are about to discover the truth behind the stories. A list of names connected to the sinister Grenich Corporation and a massacre at a nightclub puts them on a collision course with the merciless woman, who comes to be known as Blitz. Hers is a tale of revenge and death, of blood and violence.

She holds the answer to the mystery of the glowing-eyes. Will the protectors survive their inevitable encounter with the wrathful woman? I hope a few of you check out my work. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment. I appreciate it very much. Looking for that perfect gift for a woman who loves comics? Why not give a gorgeous, full-color graphic novel full of magic, swords, and hot guys?

Available for purchase on Indy Planet. All my works are electronically published at all the major and some minor publishers that I know of, and I know that Smashwords and Amazon both have gift-giving abilities. As Kobo, outside the US, recently stopped selling indie authors, I may not yet be available again there. But I did adjust my Amazon-UK pricing so it ought to be more in line for dollars-to-pounds intent.

Click on my name, and it should take you to the blogsite where I have everything listed, including all or most of the links to the various platforms. It starts with the adventure of apprenticeship upon the clanship, and segues into a more harrowing adventure when the apprentices find themselves on an alien planet with their Adult Supervision unconscious, and the threat of kidnapping pirates seems all too plausible.

The woman herself, an herb-witch, is alarmed by his sudden unexplained interest and has her own secrets. Finding a new career path has suddenly become a much lower priority. With the help of his ghostly guide and some new friends, including a charming mythology student, a con-artist faun, and a dragon princess, the young harpy must adapt to the changes in his body and identity while trying to figure out the dangerous curse that has given him wings.

Duncan MacLeod or Edward Cullen? How many players are in the air during a quidditch match? What colors of Pernese dragon are male? What cocktail did the Doctor probably accidentally invent in France? These trivia questions and their answers! Great for holiday parties, game nights, meetups, and, of course, conventions. Disowned for practicing magic, he settled in Vegas where unsuspecting tourists witness real magic nightly. My goal in life is to help smart people be happy. My award-winning non-fiction does that directly. My techno-fiction tells stories of such smart folks struggling to solve problems.

The Aremac Project makes a great read for smart people of all sorts, and is an especially appropriate gift for that bright teenager on your shopping list. The story is a urban fantasy-romance light. Greg Roberts has been in love with the girl next door since they were both twelve, but Gloria Torkinson is engaged to marry someone else.

James Joyce

Greg can only respect her choice in the matter — until his fairy godmother pops in with a different idea. As a mysterious, masked superhero Greg can appear to Gloria in a whole new light and win her love. But super-heroing is trickier than Greg knew, creating its own problems and uncovering inimical forces in his world that he never suspected. My self-published debut novel is a contemporary romance, titled To Love Twice. During an intense and terrifying experience, Kate meets Brad Walker, the man of her dreams. After a blissful ten years, Brad suddenly becomes cold and distant.

A few months after giving birth to their daughter, Kate leaves and files for divorce. When he dies a few days later and his secrets are revealed, Kate is devastated. Five years later, Kate has made a successful new life for herself and her daughter, despite the fact that she clings to his memory and grieves for her husband.

She is enchanted with his manners and dazzled by his attention. Ever wondered what it would be like to truly understand a cat, every last meow, every narrowed glance, every jab of a paw? When Briley Forester, a shy recluse and gifted games programmer, is torn from the world and dumped into the village of Maepole, she finds out the hard way.

Trapped within a backward world without technology, she discovers that being a witch is hard, and that her grouchy talking cat Smokey knows more about men than she does! Tricked into working as a delivery girl and aided by an ancient grimoire, only by overcoming her crippling self-doubt and learning the powers of witchcraft can she hope to return home. But her way home is fraught with heartache and danger, love and despair. The powerful Whitehead family, haters of witches, will stop at nothing to be rid of her. Book 2 — Storm Grey. A storm is coming, threatening to bring death and destruction to the village of Maepole.

Ghroda the forest spirit knows it, and young witch Briley has witnessed its terrifying effects during a vision. Fraught with worry and unable to convince the villagers, only her talking cat Smokey and the new man in her life Jorin believes her. But for whatever reason, Ghroda is not concerned about the storm, gives Briley a stark warning:. At first Briley is confused and bewildered.

Until a group of strange warriors from the far north arrive at the village, all heavily armed, all dressed in grey…. Book 1 — Bond Of Terror. War is coming to the world of Esgar, and nobody knows why. Dark monsters roam the forests in ever increasing numbers, and only the Defenders of the Realms have any hope of stopping them.

But the Defenders are busy searching for Outworlders, auburn-haired girls pulled across from other worlds…. Enter the Outworlder Tracy Lupin, an eighteen year old girl sought by a blood-red daemon, trapped by a mysterious bracelet known as the Stone Of Argentos. Aided by the young swordsman Aldeban and the secretive woman Carrine, Tracy discovers that her safety is nothing but an illusion. And yet a mystery still calls to her: what are the strange metallic statues that stare at her? What lies beneath their deep glass eyes? What is the connection between her bracelet and them? And why does the image of a robed figure continue to invade her dreams?

But while the Defenders continue the hunt for her, the powers of good and evil both plot and scheme to control her, force her towards a prophecised point in time, one that will redefine not only her own future, but the fate of Esgar forever…. This year I edited my first anthology, called Sidekicks! The stories are about diverse sidekicks from all sorts of backgrounds and in all sorts of genres, everything from high fantasy to science fiction to horror. There are gay sidekicks, sidekicks of color, good guys and bad guys.

So far we have 4. The anthology is available in paper and every digital format. When Elanore the troll and Gurt the Eleniu are invited to The Oaks Grove by Lord Cance to discuss philosophy, they expected stuffy lords, but not murder. Discussions turn deadly as one lord is found lifeless and another severely injured in the library.

Can Elanore and Gurt find the murderer before he strikes again? I stopped believing in monsters long ago. Turns out that was a misunderstanding, and now Maurice needs a place to stay. How could I say no? Being able to sense the feelings of others can be a major pain. But this ability has turned me into a gourmet feast for an incubus, a demon that feeds off emotional energy. Now, brides are dropping dead all over town, and my home has become a safe house for the supernatural. I must learn to focus my powers and defeat the demon before he snacks on another innocent woman and comes looking for the main course….

Eversong is full of ideas and characters that will stay with you long after you finish this short novel. Blueshifting Upper Rubber Boot Books, A chapbook of poetry inspired by science and other fun things. We watched wilderness raze the buildings, a city block gone like a moment of dust, our civilization losing itself before us. Who were we to stand in the way of progress, the trees wanted to know. Our protests are useless against this regime. Remember those days when we used to lie on a plastic-strewn hillside and look for patterns in the smog?

When we first kissed beneath the incandescent lights on a diesel-scented evening? The concrete and steel we held sacred are sinking into the mud of memory, everything collapsing under the weight of its own flowers. Far below the earth, a caravan of kobold merchants passes through a stone archway carved with the faces of leering ghouls.

High atop a northern mountain, a dwarf grips his battle-axe and gazes over the rim of the world toward whatever fate the gods have in store for him. The Midgard Campaign Setting brings to life a dark world of deep magic, with seven regions flavored by the folklore of Central and Eastern Europe plus a heady dose of weird fantasy.

Major John Elliott, U. Army, is shanghaied by an advanced alien race in order to teach them the long lost art of war. But his survival is now intertwined with theirs, and against all odds, he must teach his peace-loving aliens how to defend themselves or else perish with them. Available in electrons from Amazon and all other major providers of ebooks or in paperback from Amazon. Several years after a horrible nightmare claimed his wife and youngest daughter, he finds himself pulled into the mysterious world of dreams again. This time the Wall of Sleep—the line separating the Dreamside from the waking world—is under attack by a malevolent entity known only as the Torment.

If this monster succeeds in breaking down the Wall, what will keep all our nightmares from invading our lives? For more information visit the Facebook page or find it on Good Reads. It is a book that contains all the mess and grunge of a real life. My life — with an eating disorder. This is a look from the inside.

Book Marketing Strategies And Tips For Authors: Pay to Play?

Written while I am still recovering, this book is an attempt to give all those who have never had to live within the war zone of an eating disorder a real look at the battleground. So welcome, then. Welcome to the inside of my own head. Welcome to my land of thin thoughts and fat fears. Welcome to my attempt to become drop dead gorgeous. He is a University of Maine at Orono student with no prior psychiatric history, who was admitted to the Acadia Hospital on an involuntary basis due to an acute level of confusion and disorganization, both behaviorally and cognitively.

He was evaluated at MDI and was transferred from that facility due to psychosis, impulse thoughts, delusions, and disorientation. He was felt to be a risk to himself and others due to his high level of disorganization and disorientation and impulsivity. He did not know where he was. He believed that he had murdered his friend by sucking out his soul.

The patient was also reporting, upon admission, that he could see, smell, hear and touch God. She as an acid smoky smell. Patient is an unreliable historian. He initially denied any alcohol or drug use, but later on admitted to having had LSD on several occasions.

My Advice to Aspiring Authors

He also acknowledged the use of heroin, crack, cocaine, mushrooms, ecstasy, speed, etc. Just prior to his admission to Acadia Hospital, he had been displaying markedly abnormal behavior with confusion, illogical statements, and appearing disoriented, and as if walking in a daze. The video that made it possible through Kickstarter. A tentacled demon killing people near the Washington Monument followed by a naked werewolf puppy on my doorstep?

Sure, the vampire helped me out a bit, but hey, you all know who the real hero of this story is, right? But then… some people decide to take advantage of him. That was a serious mistake! At once shy and concerned about her social skills, yet well loved by those around her, in the first book she finds herself at the center of a terrorist plot at the Olympics. The terrorists never contemplated trying to hold a hostage with the unbelievable quickness and athleticism of Ell Donsaii!

A tradition of young, strong, brilliant, female heroines like Honor, Lisbeth, and Katniss Everdeen is continued…. Detailing the first days of his presidency, this novel contains a minimum of 1 laugh per page and would make a great comedy gift for humourous readers of any political persuasion. If you purchase the paperback, the kindle version is free for a limited time. The Kindle version is also free for borrowing under the Amazon Kindle Select requires Prime membership. Shipping is free with Prime, as well. I contributed to a couple of short story anthologies this year.

Your preference will depend on your mood…. Marc Ciccarone Blood Bound Books. One exclusive anthology. Blood Bound Books celebrates its third year of publishing with Blood Rites , a gathering of dark talents that have shared our dreams-and shaped our nightmares. We individually summoned each author to contribute his or her voice to this choir of the damned.

Scioneaux, Brad C. Hodson, Gregory L. Dreamcast Worlds takes a unique approach — in this book design historian Zoya Street tells the story from right inside the games themselves. Travelling through the maps and screens of three Dreamcast games, follow the network of players, developers and events that contributed to the Dreamcast phenomenon. This is a spatial history of videogames, focusing on a time when 3D, open-world virtual play spaces first became possible.

One crowdfunding campaign and a year of hard work later, this unique book has become a must-read for anybody with an opinion on video games. The heirs of a Greek tycoon are dying under mysterious circumstances… Can the stunning reporter find the killer… and resist her passion for the seductive detective? A suspenseful and simmering novel set in the beautiful Greek island of Corfu.

For the adult on your list who likes a little spice, please consider Ms. The Lilith Club is an exclusive Boston retreat for women who enjoy a very particular sort of pleasure. It is a world of soft-voiced cries in the dark, eager young secretaries face-down over desks, and the strictest forms of ecstasy. For adult readers only, please. It includes information on website basics, social media, online tools available to writers, reader communities both where to find them and how to act on them , etc. Creating an Online Presence is currently Kindle only, but the Smashwords version is going up this week.

When her 9-year-old son wanted to play summer travel baseball, Shannon had no idea the toughest competition was off the field…. Boy, is she wrong! From the very first practice, Shannon and Sam get sucked into a mad world of rigged try-outs, professional coaches, and personal hitting instructors. As for Sam? Sam winds up on the worst team in town, and every week they find new and humiliating ways to lose to the Saints. And the action off the field is just as hot.

As Sam works to make friends, win games and become a better baseball player, Shannon struggles not to become one of those crazy baseball parents herself. If you have any fantasy fans on your list who work in academe, they might enjoy my Royal Academy at Osyth series about a modern university of magic. The third novel is due to be released next year. Royal Academy faculty call up demons in the sub-basement, talk to animals, trap incubi in rabbits, transplant dryads, and perform exorcisms, all in between their regular committee and teaching duties.

If Harry Potter went to graduate school he would have been supervised by one of these harried academics. The people who like my books the best are usually academic employees and graduate students who like seeing their own lives accurately reflected in satirical fantasy that captures what we all love and hate about university life. Plus, of course, dragons. Available again after fifteen years—the dark fantasy Night Calls. You can find it at multiple distributors. I was born to a family that harnessed the winds and could read futures in fire and water.

Yet my mother kept her secrets. Descended from powerful magic-users, but ignorant of her heritage, young Alfreda Sorensson learns magic and wisdom from her extended family in an alternate early s Michigan Territory. It takes talent to build a world so rich and lush that the reader cannot imagine it ever being differently, but that is exactly what Ms.

Kimbriel has done. Night Calls is one. My first novel literally went up today the great timing is, unfortunately, not due to my entirely fictional time travel device so I only have the Smashwords link so far. Kindle on Amazon will be up soon as well as other sites I will try to pop back in and edit this comment if possible. The year is , and with celebrations of the th anniversary of the American Revolution getting underway, business is booming at time travel consulting firm Constantine and Associates.

Still, the last thing Olivia Lake expects on her first day of work is to be thrust into preparation for a time jump, in partnership with the dashing and apology-prone George Merrill. Their destination: London, , to retrieve a pound of Bohea leaf destined for the Boston Tea Party. When struggling pre-med student Ruby West beats the unconquerable Ash at chess he becomes fixated on her. Which is great if you like smoldering blue eyes, sculpted features, and afternoons of unexpected adventure. But not so great when she discovers he is a Greek god and his father, Zeus, has forbidden the gods from interacting with humans.

Ruby soon realizes her love for Ash threatens the fragile stability that has kept the gods from meddling in the mortal world. Before long the two find themselves on a quest to rescue a goddess, save the Earth from unending winter, and secure the right to be together forever. There was a perfect balance between action, suspense, and romance. If you know someone who likes horror fiction, then you may want to consider giving them my horror novella Six Dead Spots.

Frank makes a startling discovery in the shower. He finds six strange circles of skin gone completely numb—three neatly spaced down the center of his chest and abdomen, and three more down his spine. Under guided hypnosis, Frank uncovers clues in a repressed dream, but his sessions on the couch are soon cut short when he loses his job and his health insurance. Now Frank is forced to solve the mystery of his six dead spots on his own. Armed with nicotine patches, pornography, sleeping pills, and a stack of books on lucid dreaming, Frank delves into a world of nightmares to do battle with the monsters lurking inside his head.

Hardworking, book-loving person who feels special about trees. My favorite one lives in the botanical gardens, a fairly young sequoia. To me, they are the most majestic beings in the world. However, I approach them with caution now, after what happened to me. Imagine putting your hand on the tree, feeling the rough bark, thinking loving thoughts to it, and then suddenly plunging into darkness.

Fortunately, I made some friends, and discovered a possible way of getting home … and change the world with it. He also happens to be a whale.

Self-Publishers Beware and the Self-Publishing Roadmap

Encounters with humans and killer whales change his entire life, and the life of the clan led by his beloved. Will he be able to fulfill his duty to his truelove? Listen to his Song. PS: This is my website: Hannah Steenbock. Told exclusively in online content — instant messages, social media posts, e-mails, fanfiction, and more — 4 to 16 Characters by Kelly Hourihan examines the role that online friends, fandom, and fantasy play in helping one teenage girl to survive unbearable realities.

So she devised a number of online personas, each with a distinct personality, life history, and set of friends. Acanthus Breese will journey through several lifetimes as he searches for his missing goddess. In short, described as Lord of the Flies on Mr. For Mature Readers. Coming of Age. GLBT fiction. The Arena. Where predators seek their prey, where pleasure and pain await, and where love hides amidst the rumors, the secrets and the lies.

In Behind the Veil, we are introduced to Gina Harwood, and her partner, Morgan Snyder — two homicide detectives who stumble upon a bigger and more frightening crime than they anticipated. Just as they begin to grasp the outlines of the case, they are forced to make the biggest decision of their lives in order to save the crumbling remains of a family touched by horror.

Many good things followed great agent, promised blurbs, etc. And then real life — babies! When Dave Blum at Amazon re-published the story as a Kindle Single in , he resurrected my writing life. Marriage over and retired, Jim has spent the last few years reading all the books he said he would, and then his daughter sets him up on a date. An elegantly written Kindle Single, Pothier makes every word count without creating the rushed or crammed feeling the format can often take. Or why there were no flying carpets that required particular songs to be sung.

Or tarot card readers named Elvis. It had to be Cape Henry. Alas, they were wrong. They had strayed too far south and had reached the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Throughout the 19th century, countless ships ran aground in this weather-beaten area of southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. Many perished in the dangerous storms that often pelted this area.

Here in this isolated corner of the world, four generations of people lived and died by the sea in a little village called Wash Woods. Skin Deep: Exchanges is about a hidden city in Liverpool, England full of mythical creatures as it follows a day in their lives. And what luck! Do you like zombies? Do you like survival stories? The End of the Line Series. We got most of the human race dead of the flu. We got zombies, collapsing houses, wild dogs, indifferent cats, food poisoning, pretty boats, characters from all works of life, and more guns than anyone really should have. And to segue into something completely different, Fat Chicks Rule.

Dawson, Karina Cooper and Allison Pang. Soon, Cat finds out that her soul is a bargaining chip in a poker game among the most notorious of Trickster deities. If Catherine wants her soul back, she has to match wits against the likes of Loki, Puck and Coyote. Along for the ride is Marius, an insatiable satyr with his own debts to Discord. Very happy to share my first novel with everyone. I have released my second novel a few months ago, a near future, first contact novel called Skye Entity. A brief synopsis:. He needs to repair his vessel before he runs out of energy in a few short weeks.

The United Nations, governments, and people of Earth are happy to comply. For most, Skye represents a hope beyond the political upheaval and economic tensions of their time—a representation that Skye, a kind, peaceful entity, takes pains to portray. You can download or read the first seven chapters for free. The magical technology they create together could change the course of a war and help an oppressed people plan their revolution, but wealthy and powerful interests will fight to put it down any way they can.

Aiden has always done his best to live under the radar. Part fantasy, part science fiction, Flames of Rebellion follows Aiden and his newfound friend Flame as they become part of a classic story of adventure, survival, and romance. Available now on Amazon Kindle, Flames of Rebellion is a debut publication, a novellette with fast-paced storytelling highly suitable for those who enjoy young adult fiction.

Also great for parents and kids to read together! Need a last-minute Christmas read? There is nothing alive anymore in the Dead City — or is there? Two cities: one dead… …the other, vibrant and alive. But for Palus, the supposedly enlightened city of Zivvon was dead in a different way. Their intolerance of earth magick in favor of the intangible church-sanctioned magic of heaven weighed heavily on him.

After all, Palus had been born a witch. Two cities: one beautiful and flourishing… …the other, not quite as dead as it would seem. Yaira knows this as well as anyone. Her mother had made that mistake and paid the price for it. Her father had warned her — Get in, get what we need and get out! And now something in the Dead City was growing curious of her. My novel, House of Blades, has sold roughly 35, copies since I published it on Amazon this past June.

This book and its sequel, The Crimson Vault, are available now on Kindle and free Kindle reading apps on any device :. Got questions? There will be cake. Thanks so much for this opportunity! Makenna Wilkensen has had many names and many identities since being cast to earth and remade into a vampire. Her latest assumed identity is that of an Independent bookstore owner.

Intrigued by his resistance to her supernatural allure, Makenna offers to host a book signing at her store to keep him conveniently close. Determined to have more to talk about than table placement, she decides to read his novel. This simple decision changes everything, though, because his fictional characters are all too familiar. The book can be found here: Fallen Angel.

Symptoms often only apparent when under stress. Witnessing a murder qualifies as stress. Russ Dante—math teacher, older brother, hobby artist—has a passion for sunsets and finds comfort in his ritual of capturing the striking colors in his sketchbook with oil pastels. That changes one August evening on a secluded park hilltop when—instead of the sunset he came to sketch—he sees a murder.

Before the smoky-blue of twilight falls, Russ is running for his life. Overnight, Roric is transformed from respected scholar to the most-wanted criminal in the Vorunne Dominion. On the run from the law, he and Perarre embark on a journey to discover the roots of an year-old conspiracy, a journey that will change the way magic works, and their own lives, forever. My gift to you! Originally it was self-published, then picked up by a small publishers, and now that the publisher is out of business, it is back in the original format.

Know a guy who will be trying online dating in the new year and needs a little tough love and advice? Markus always admired his mentor, Nicodemus. One summer evening, a ragged man comes to the clinic claiming he is cursed. During the treatment, chaos breaks loose as the patient attacks them.

Hank and Gracie Save the Day Written by yarn shop owner Stacy Klaus and illustrated by her teenaged niece Molly Wade, this book tells a short story about two West Highland terriers Hank and Gracie , and includes four simple knit or crochet patterns and four coloring book pages so you can keep having fun after the story has been read.

Currently available in digital format, with print shipping by mid-December. I just released the second book in my Empty Cradle trilogy, entitled Shiloh in the Circle. The first book in the series, The Untimely Death of Corey Sanderson, is not necessary reading to enjoy the second, but studies show that reading one can lead to a craving for the other. She meets a man named Whitcomb, and on finding he is a mage as well, lets him know they have that in common.

He casts a spell meant to hurl her into the Hudson. Nefarious methods are the obvious way to get what she wants. The Complete Guide to Being Evil is a quirky urban fantasy. It is available on Smashwords and Amazon. The print and Kindle versions are available on Amazon. I made a photography book called Optimus V. I self published this, with the help of CreateSpace, I think of this as my level 1 book, photographs, layout and everything, I did it all myself.

I am proud of it, and honored to be able to link to it here! And here is a link to Amazon, where they charge whatever they feel like. I was cooped up there until I was a legal adult. I have had an interesting, convoluted life which has taken me around the block, and then some. As the years staggered by, I found myself writing small rants and various articles for offbeat publications, nothing remotely sexually oriented at all.

Then BOOM! I, being blunt and outspoken, listened to all my friends constantly ask for my help in matters of the heart and bedroom. When they did not listen to my boisterous advice, they always wished they had… thus the idea for a column and ultimately, this book. The ensuing web of intrigue leads them into the dangerous world of the diamond cartel. This is a tale woven of rich fabric that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end! Ever make a mistake and not want to admit it? When the innocent man dies in custody, it gets worse, and his brother, a master terrorist, plots a crippling string of attacks against Washington DC.

What happens when we die? Viki Dobos knows. Her job is to help people talk to their dearly departed. She draws the deceased, and they come to life on the page… briefly. When a rich Russian man hires her and whisks her away to Hawaii, everything changes. The rich man wants her to do the forbidden, and a handsome man she meets on the beach needs her more than he knows. Viki will have to confront her past, face her fears, and risk everything to help them. In the future, America is divided.

Only the Free Territories, carved out in the bloody aftermath of two revolts against the Council defy them. When a shocking assassination threatens the uneasy peace, the Prime Minister of the Free Territories, Chelsea Andrews is faced with a choice: fight to save the peace or take a chance to make America free once more. As both sides race to prevent a war, a shadowy enemy from her past waits for his chance at revenge and the secret he holds could be the most powerful one of all:. Hey everyone! If you liked Jim C. Check it out: The Real Folktale Blues.

It will supply you with dorkalicious insults in a broad sweep of categories physics, astronomy, history, literature, and more. Kimberly only wants to get back to her fiance in New York. But for that, she needs the help of Fitch, a madman who believes something dark lives at the heart of Rustwood. Thank you! Illustrated, hardcover, pages, very detailed and expensive. Bermuda From Sail to Steam. Bermuda From The Air. Aerial photos, follow up to "Bermuda Aerial Views. Bermuda Gamble. Stewart Jackson Lamont, a church minister posted briefly to Bermuda in as a locum at Christ Church in Warwick, a former military chaplain, writing under the name Jackson Lamont.

International crime, online gambling and political intrigue. In the book, the Premier of Bermuda has just unknowingly hired an international crime syndicate to set up a gambling industry in Bermuda. Commander Neal Anderson, who works for intelligence in the Royal Navy, and a journalist investigate. Bermuda Gardens and Houses. Ian Macdonald-Smith and Sylvia Shorto. January 1, Bermuda Glimpses. Early 's. Published in England. First book on Bermuda published overseas. Bermuda Gold. Lee Slonimsky. Moonshine Cove Publishing. Author has drawn upon his real-life background as a New York hedge fund manager and former educator at a justice college to create a detective thriller that occurs on the streets of Manhattan, the splendor of the greater New York environs, and the beauty of the sun-kissed island of Bermuda.

Bermuda Grass. Golf mystery. British author Keith Miles. Poisoned Pen Press, Scottsdale, Arizona. Set at a fictitious golf resort in Bermuda. It also, of course, had clear views of Dockyard and St. The house itself, Brockman surmised, had two storeys with possibly three or four rooms on each level and verandas. Bermuda Guide. Open Road Travel Guides. Ron Charles. Bermuda Ha Ha. A compendium of 30 humorous columns he wrote from in the local RG Magazine. Author self-published under the Matrix Books Bermuda label.

Bermuda Hearts. Jennifer Vladimir Shashaty. Her first Historical Romance Novel. A Bennington Hall Legacy Romance. Bermuda, Her Plants and Gardens Jill Collett. Bermuda High School Chronicle. Published from to Bermuda Historical Quarterlies. Volumes , each with 4 editions. Out of print, some available from Bermuda Historical Society.

Bermuda Holiday. New York, Crown, pages. Bermuda Houses. Professor John S. Humphreys, AIA. Boston, Marshall Jones. The architecture and uniqueness of many of Bermuda's domestic buildings from the s. He wrote that the unique form of Bermuda architecture was one of the most charming things about Bermuda. Bermuda Houses and Gardens. Bermuda in Art. For lovers of Colour. Joan Aspinall. Bermuda index : An index of births, marriages, deaths.

E Hollis Hallett. As recorded in Bermuda newspapers. Bermuda in Full Color. No date. Bermuda in Painted Representation, Volume I. Jonathan Land Evans. Privately printed, text only. The concluding volume of that trilogy, which takes the reader on a lengthy but hopefully not too exhausting guided tour of how and by whom Bermuda has been depicted in artworks, from the earliest days until recent times. Bermudian author Jonathan Land Evans, Bermudian art historian.

In three volumes.

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They cover over artists and go up to about A third volume, The Bermudian Era , going up to about the year , was published later. Bermuda In Periodical Literature. A bibliography. George Watson Cole, Alphabetically catalogues periodical literature, with a small summary of the information on each article. Riverside Press, Brookline MA. Bermuda In Poetry Poems by Waller, Marvel, Freneau, Moore and others.

Bermuda Insight Guide Bermuda. Brian Bell. October Bermuda Insight Pocket Guide. APA Publications Pte. Bermuda in the Old Empire. One of the most complete and best books ever written about Bermuda at that time. Bermuda in Three Colors. Carveth Wells. Published in New York by Robert M.

Bermuda Institute: Origin, Philosophy, Growth. Leslie Holder, Bermuda Islands. John J. Jackson January 28, Bermuda Islands Guide. Complete Map and Information Guide to Bermuda. Clarion Enterprises. Correct at that time but outdated now. Maps, places of interest, all roads, restaurants, bars and clubs, hotels and guest houses, ferries and buses, beaches, parks and recreation areas, churches, gas stations, telephones. Bermuda Islands Pipe Band A paper. George L. Cook piper. A 50th anniversary publication.

Bermuda, Isle of My Heritage. Joy Cora Elizabeth Wilson-Tucker. July , personal manuscript, not a book. Godet, MD. Re-issued 31 Aug Godet 31 Aug Bermuda Journal of Archaeology and Maritime History. Bermuda Maritime Museum Association. Volume 21, released March The National Museum of Bermuda Press. The museum is in the process of digitizing previous volumes to make the entire catalogue of individual articles available online for purchase and download.

Clarence Maxwell and Deborah Atwood, the co-editors, have invited leading experts in the fields of history, art, and archaeology to form an advisory board designed to raise the academic standing of the journal. The board will advise on the direction of the journal and review papers submitted for publication.

It is available for download at website nmb. Bermuda Journey. A leisurely Guide Book. William S. New York, Coward-McCann, and edition, pages. Robert W. Weston, Mass. Michael Dolding. Chronicles the building of this major Bermuda landmark since its placement high on a hill in Southampton Parish in Alexander Gordon was a British Scottish engineer who became famous for the use of prefabricated cast-iron for buildings, including his Bermuda Gibb's Hill lighthouse.

His father had invented a system for compressing gas and making it usable in a portable form and Alexander followed him in the gasworks business in London, but also patented apparatus to do with the actual lights of lighthouses. The first was in , at Morant Point in Jamaica. His second was in at Gibbs Hill, while the third was placed at Cap Pine in Newfoundland in Bermuda Longtail. It is a magical miracle of flight, sweeping majestically in the sky with its pristine white body and its long tail of black and white feathers gliding behind.

He created the largest independent television company in the world, Grundy Worldwide, and was known for his introduction of TV series Neighbours in the mids, which gave birth to the career of Kylie Minogue. He has won numerous awards including the International Emmy for accomplishments by an individual whose work is recognized throughout the world. Bermuda Mails to An Inventory of the Postal Markings. Packet arrival and departure dates for , and Postal rates and an overview of the pre postal history.

Bermuda Maps. Charting the history of the island through maps. Details scores of maps from early hand-drawn representations and decorative printed maps from the s to more detailed modern renditions from the s. Museum staff have also scoured libraries and archives across the world to source hundreds of rare images of old and new maps reproduced in the book.

Jack John C. Official Guide. Bermuda Memorial Inscriptions. Hilary and Richard Tulloch. Gravestones at the Bermuda-based British Military graveyards of British Army personnel who died in Bermuda and were buried at the eastern end of St. Inscriptions from all the memorials found in the naval, military and historic cemeteries of Bermuda, as well as memorials of sailors, soldiers, airmen, servants, slaves, merchants, mariners, convicts and consuls, both local and from overseas from the parish and community cemeteries.

The volume also includes short histories of each of the naval, military and historic cemeteries now managed by the Bermuda National Trust. The husband and wife team, Hilary and Dick Tulloch, both come from military and families. While resident in Bermuda they noticed that many headstones in the local cemeteries were deteriorating and recorded the inscriptions. Bermuda Military Rarities. Andrew Bermingham. Black and white photos and illustrations. Bermuda Military Rarities Re-visited. Bermuda Historical Society. Bermuda Moods. A compilation of hundreds of photos taken around Bermuda.

Hardcover coffee-table. Bermuda, Nature's Fairyland. A tourist guide. Bermuda Nine Parishes. By professional photographer Ann Spurling. Book covers the people, city, town, villages, luxurious homes, churches, landscapes, and shorelines--both the natural and human histories. Bermuda Nurse. Bermuda novel, paperback. McFadden Books, NY. Bermuda Occupational Outlook Handbook. Bermuda Government. Bermuda On A Budget. Catherine Harriott. December A guide book. With illustrations and photographs. Bermuda On My Mind.

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Jane Barcroft. More Bermuda poems. See also "Pink Sand Poems. Bermuda: Our People, Our Story. Volumes 1, 2, 3. With photographs galore. The Royal Gazette or at P. Phone extension or Order by Visa, MC credit or debit card and quote your e-mail address. Bermuda Past and Present. Walter Brownell Hayward. Subsequent edition Bermuda Pocket Almanack.

Bermuda Politics in Transition. Island Press, Bermuda. Bermuda: Portrait of an Island. Donald Nausbaum. Runs one-man photo agency, Caribphoto, based in Toronto. Has shot photos, especially of Caribbean islands. MacMillan Caribbean. Almost page-long photographic celebration of Bermuda's people, its natural and man-made amenities and its unique and diverse culture.

Bermuda Postcards Revisited. Bermudian Dr. Print Link. Bermuda Real Estate Handbook Bermuda Recollections. Interviews and essays based on a series of workshops with Bermuda seniors held in the late s and early s. Bermuda Reef Portraits. Bermudian Ron Lucas, an underwater photographer who dedicated six years of his life to capturing images of Bermuda's marine life.

Bermuda Registration Labels. Brad Arch, , 24pp. Illustrations of the numerous types with period of use and catalog numbers. Bermuda Report. Various editions. Official Bermuda Government publication. No longer published. Bermuda Rock Lessons. For children. Bermuda Sampler. William Zuill. Bermuda Book Store. Bermuda Settlers of the 17th Century. Genealogical Notes from Bermuda. Julia E.

October 15, Abstracts of the earliest known records of Bermuda settlers, many of whom removed to the mainland and were among the pioneer settlers of the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia. The records given here are arranged by family and appear in chronological sequence.

They consist of a progression of abstracts of wills, administrations, deeds, court orders, indentures, arrival records, and so on, pertaining to every member of the family from the original immigrant up to as near the year as the records allow. Bermuda: Seeing the Sights by Railway. Bermuda Railway Company, Ltd. Tourism brochure with the railway line as it was in the mids, describing every station, and also includes a fold-out map. Bermuda Schwartz. Bob Morris.

January A tale of hidden treasure, murder, romance, rum, money hidden in an offshore account. Bermuda Shipwecks. A vacationing diver's guide to Bermuda's wrecks. Daniel and Denise Berg, 73 pages. Trying to sight Bermuda to confirm their position often ended their voyage as they wrecked on Bermuda's treacherous outer reefs. They claimed many ships. With photographs, sketches and accounts of the wrecks. December 31, Made up largely of news items from The Royal Gazette - Bermuda's only daily newspaper, showing a side of Bermuda that most tourists do not see.

Bermuda Spirit. An insider's look into iconic Bermuda and its unique people, candidly showcasing Bermudians, at work, at play, and in their own environments, via photography. Coffee table size. With foreword written by actor and former resident Michael Douglas whose mother, Diana Dill, is Bermudian. Bermuda Stories. Bermuda Suicide Challenge. The Floridian pair defied the advice of Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre to complete the trip, from North Carolina to Bermuda miles, 51 hours and then on to New York harbour another miles, 53 hours a few days later.

John Crocker. Bermuda: Through Distant Eyes. Morris Hoadley Ludington, published by Robson Lowe, , 40pp. Published as whole number 93 of Geosix. Bermuda: The "Ship" Type Stamps. Addenda and Corrigenda, , 4pp. Bermuda: The Quiet Years. Theresa Airey. Bermuda Through the Camera of James B. Heyl Edith Stowe Godfrey Heyl. Numbered edition, 1, copies only. Bermuda Today. Bermuda Today and Yesterday. Bermuda Today and Yesterday , Bermuda Traditions. By Bermudian veteran chef Fred Ming.

Explains unique local cuisine including shark hash, cassava pie, fish cake on a sweet bun. Bermuda Triangle. Andrew Donkin. DK Readers Level 3. Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey. Published by Star. Bermuda Traditions and Tastes. Judith Wadson. Origin of Island holidays and their cuisine. Bermuda Troubadours. William Griffith. Bermuda to Bali. Royce Baxter. Children's book. The author resided for many years in Bermuda, until about , as an architect, artist, illustrator and member of the Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society.

He has since died. Bermuda under the Somers Islands Company Civil Records. Late Dr. Archibald Cameron Archie Hallett. Bermuda - Unintended Destination Bermuda Vacation. A photographic picture book. McKay Philadelphia. Bermuda Verses. William Lawrence Chittenden, writing as "Larry" Chittenden. Illustrated with plates of photos. Putnam, London and New York. Bermuda: Webster's Timeline History, - Icon Group International 17 May Bermuda Wills Hollis Hallett.

Bermuda Publishing Co. Judge Warren W. Foster of New York. In the first decade of the s, a notable visitor to Bermuda, along with Samuel Clemens and a president-to-be and others. He liked the island so much he wrote about its charms and advantages compared to the long haul to more foreign places. Bermuda's ABC Book. Written and illustrated by Yi Gutteridge. For 5-year olds. Bermuda's Architectural Heritage: Devonshire. Andrew Trimingham. Bermuda National Trust. First in a series of illustrated parish by parish reviews of Bermuda's architecture.

Bermuda's Architectural Heritage: Hamilton Parish. Diana Chudleigh. About the Bermuda Parish by this name. Bermuda's Architectural Heritage: Sandys. Third in the series. Black and white illustrations. Bermuda's Architectural Heritage: Smith's Parish. Fifth in the series. Drawings by Barbara Finsness. Bermuda's Architectural Heritage: Paget Parish. Sixth in the series. The book is dedicated to the late Dennis Sherwin, long a resident of the island and benefactor of the National Trust.

There are also tributes to Margaret Lloyd, who has been part of the backbone of "Bermuda's Architectural Heritage Series" since its inception in , and the architectural historian from Colonial Williamsburg, Dr. Edward A. Bermuda's Architectural Heritage, Paget. Bermuda's Architectural Heritage: Pembroke. Author : Dr Clarence Maxwell. Published by : Bermuda National Trust Pages : Illustrations: Black and white photos and drawings. Cover : Laminated, colour. Dimensions: 8. Bermuda's Architectural Heritage: St. Michael Jarvis, edited by David L.

Black and white photos by Robin Judah and sidebars by Trimingham, Andrew. November, Second in the series. Edited by David L. Seventh in the series. Bermuda's Antique Furniture and Silver. Bryden Bordley Hyde. Billy, this type of question can be easily answered or already has been in the CreateSpace Community forum over the years. I am in the final process of self-publishing my first book. Your article really helped my come to a decision about selecting Createspace expanded distribution.

Can you shed insights on my final decision of should I put a price on the barcode of my book. Can you advise? Are there any options for the cover material or is it all one weight and stock? I would love to use a brown stock with more tooth for my book cover. I no longer print through CS mainly because of, to me, their poor quality covers. This topic is discussed often in the CreateSpace Community.

Their propensity for delaminating is also a major concern. Are you able to publish hard cover books via CreateSpace? What about unique books, like inspirational journals, that may contain mostly blank pages? Do these types of books also require an ISBN? Angela, CS does not offer hard cover books. Other self-publishing companies like BookBaby and Ingram Spark do. BookBaby offers quality hard covers with very short run capabilities as few as books for good pricing but not distribution. Your best bet for hardcovers with distribution is Ingram Spark. All books require an ISBN.

Clodagh, Joel and others will know more about Scrivener than I do. By doing this, you can then supply your own ISBN next time. All the comments and advice here are very helpful. I have just published on Kindle, which was technically challenging. I am somewhat daunted by having to do it again for Create Space. Two questions. Someone on a Goodread forum recommended Scrivener for formatting as being much easier. Thanks in advance.

Looking for better ideas if you have any. Scott, we have thousands of authors using our pre-designed book templates to print at CreateSpace. Book Templates for Microsoft Word. Joel, the templates are the problem…using them in my experience produced a different result in the digital reviewer, one that did not match what I did in the template. I ended up editing one line at a time to adjust things through pages, only to settle for the best of the worst. I have never had a problem with the Createspace cover templates.

I always use the digital proofer. Scott, those that work with CreateSpace on a regular basis simply ignore the digital reviewer, the Interior Reviewer IR. It is usually not accurate, and most of the Members on CS, I think, basically just skip this step and go on to order a proof. If I did that, I would be up to over a hundred proofs of gobbledygook, i. So the successful have abandon all but the PDF proof…guess I should too. Hello, I have a book which I want to publish.

But it is NOT a print-ready file. Layout and typesetting needs to be done. Kindly explain. Hello again. I have another question, and I do not want to proceed until I find out an answer. I hope someone can help. That is. Can a local bookstore buy 10 copies from Amazon and sell them at their shop. It does not restrict your sales, it just lists Amazon as your publisher. That will not matter to majority of people, ever. Thank you for the article and all the helpful comments. I live in the U. S but my book is written in Spanish and, definitely, for a market in Spain.

That is: Will the books be printed in this continent or in Europe? Yes, you do. I wondered the same thing at first I just inserted them in headers, with placement on the left for even numbers and on the right for odd. That way, your page one which would fall on the right… has it in the upper right corner and so on. I also made my numbers smaller font size than the rest of the text, but that was just personal preference.

Best of luck! This may be a silly question, but does CS number the pages of your book or do you have to do it in the word document you upload to them? And if we DO have to do it ourselves, does it go in the page header or does that put it outside CS print range? Thanks so much for any help!! Jodie, you might want to check out the Word templates here that make this process a whole lot easier and more predictable:. Is it several hours, or is it longer, because they say nothing about it being ready for review. Of course, shipping to Canada can be sort of fun.

Obviously, the law was written with traditional publishing in mind, where the publisher receives their initial shipment before the book is released to the public. But on the whole, I like Createspace, and the process of publishing to paperback is pretty simple! Great information provided here! Thank you to all. This is exactly what I need right now. I am currently in the process of self-publishing my first book historical fiction and have been struggling with deciding on which way to go as far as a printer.

Has anyone here ever used CS to publish in paperback and someone else for hardcover? Thanks again to Joel for the site, Lyn for the article, and Will and everyone else for their input. Createspace only has one type of cover material. Its trade paperback, soft cover. Profit margins with print on demand are already fairly low. So same margin as going with traditional publisher, but without all the free promotion and marketing they would give you.

Will, I second what Joel said. Your input is invaluable. I had not heard that Lightning Source is better for color works. Good to know. JJ, I had no idea color costs so much more, but it makes sense. The color printing process is bound to be more expensive. May need to rethink that. The photos might not look so good in black and white. The cost of color production with POD will cause a high retail price for a book. I only submit black and white fiction pages with no images so the print on demand charges for me are very reasonable.

And I agree with you, they are better looking and are of a more appropriate size for the back of the book. I think authors should put the retail price in the bar code and print it in USDs on the back of the book.

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What do you think? It seems to me that it allows for the book to be scanned easily at indie bookstores, for example and for the retail price to easily be seen by those potential purchasers holding a physical copy. Hi Will, and thanks for your generous contributions to the discussion going on here. However, this makes no difference at retail, nor does the inclusion of your price within the bar code.

I have all the files set to go. I am curious about the difference between the CS way and the LS way, maybe a test of the LS ecosystem is in order here. My biggest surprise having just gone through my first POD experience is the cost of color pages. My project was a non-fiction book relying on good color pictures to explain various steps in a process.

With 50 images, the color edition of the book is probably too expensive for just about everyone. My solution was to do a second edition of the exact same book, except that is in Black and White. Far cheaper but not as pleasant to look at and the pics are not as easy to understand. But waaay cheaper. But I found my solution to be fairly workable. It may be vanity, but I found the barcode image to be much nicer looking than the white block Amazon does. Plus I can set the price that appears in the bar code.

Finally, if in Photoshop, remember to flatten your image before you save it as a pdf. Flattening hugely shrinks the size of the image and makes it MUCH easier to comply with CreateSpace cover file size requirements. Slainte JJB. JJ keep in mind the paper used on black and white books is not the same as the paper used in color printing. What you suggest is virtually impossible although it may not be for long! Thanks, Danielle! My hour flew by. Great recommendation, Danielle! Thanks for sharing that with us. Come join the fun! I used CreateSpace when I self-published my first novel in February.

I found it fairly easy to use. I did not choose the expanded distribution option for the same reasons others have already mentioned. I used the book cover template provided by CreateSpace and uploaded the cover I created in Adobe Photoshop. I like how it all turned out and will do it again for the next book.

Yes, the CreateSpace Community is very helpful. I got some basic questions answered there and keep meaning to go back and ask for marketing advice. Michael: From what you described, I would guess that you probably tangled with the Interior Reviewer, too. After it came out I would have files rejected that had previously flown through Review and then also have to deal with the hassle. As you can imagine, this caused quite a few comments within the CreateSpace Community of serious self-publishers.

But, I would try them again and I think those roadblocks are gone.