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I had nightmares of how my love handles would be on display for the whole world to see. Like every other shield, it is equipped with the finest technology, and its machinery is to be handled only by a team of prepared humans. But, unlike the others, this one is small, isolated, and freezing cold, and only requires two people to coordinate the control panel.

Heloise is not a person. She is a new form of AI, capable of understanding complex feelings and context, designed to alleviate the extreme isolation I live in, preserving the mental health of people like me, who decided to abandon everybody else. While she can speak twenty different languages, she only uses English with me, to help me work on my fluency. Heloise chuckles. Nowadays, her elderly voice is my only friend, and she knows all there is to know about me. After a moment of silence, I look up to the ceiling, like Heloise could be there. I sigh. I imagine Heloise to be much different from the woman in front of me.

Short and stocky, like my own grandmother, but with a silver pixie cut, pale white skin, and rosy cheeks. A little like Judi Dench—I quite like her work. Movies are one of the few things I do besides working, eating, and sleeping.

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Carballo does not know yet, but she has been selected after great consideration from me and Heloise, and I believe she is the perfect partner for me, and my needs. I must admit I was surprised to hear from them, especially after being told one of their best engineers asked to be transferred to my station. So why? Why come here? The answer was simpler than I thought, and it pleased me deeply. If you prefer, Heloise can. Please connect any device you might own to her network, it will make everything easier.

My name. Yes, my name, my only name. How could I forget?

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Lola talks too little. When I chose her, I imagined she would be an introvert like me, but not to this extent. Her dormitory is on the opposite side of mine, and we only see each other when we are both in the control room. This can get rather repetitive. Yes, those people, the ones who are not graduated professionals, and yet do much of the actual work. I was trained in Montevideo for six months and did an additional course in Santiago for other three. At this point, the shield is part of me, and engineers know better than to complain about my relentless effort.

She was the one who suggested the dishes I prepared and ordered the delivery: local trout with black butter sauce and almonds, baked potatoes, and a salad. Most of the time, I only see her feet or her back. Today, she wears white boot slippers instead of sneakers. Yesterday, she wore a ski jacket, probably bought on her way to the station.

Which one of us is worse at this talking business? She pulls one of the chairs and sits down. Lola turns to see me. Her straight brown hair goes down to her shoulders, and her hooked nose, big round eyes, and narrow mouth make her look constantly sad. Lola smiles at me for the first time. To my surprise, she starts talking again. Lola separates her food as neatly as it is humanly possible: almonds to a side, chopped trout to the other, potatoes and lettuce.

After struggling to find a job that could accomodate her needs, she had been referred by a college teacher to work there. Like me.

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Except that I had to accommodate myself. I think.

The Wind Whispers Your Name to Me

It was four months ago, when the sickly olive of my skin started to worry me, and I decided that, maybe, I needed some air. Above my head—above all our heads—I could see the shield, filtering the sunlight through a thin veil. Sometimes, a comet crashes against it, but you can only see a blast without a sound.

This is the end of the rest of my life, I thought, and the beginning of my new one. Your keys. The old man touched my arm to show the keys that fell from the pocket of my jacket, and I looked at him like nothing could have been so horrible, but instead of shutting down, I just said thanks. My actual grandmother would have slapped me across the face, but Heloise? She only offered me comfort; warm, warm, comfort. You can stay with me forever. I will take care of you. The reflection in the mirror stares back at me. My tired black eyes, and their partial eyelid crease.

The Cold Wind Whispers Your Name

My long nose, flat on top, wide underneath. My cropped hair, my outward teeth. My bronze skin that turned into a sad, pale yellow. My stubble that never turns into a full beard.