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How do you know when you have been focusing enough on the Word? The Holy Spirit talks to you through it!

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He directs your thoughts as you go about your day. He brings it to your mind when challenges arise, and helps you know what to do. You focus on the Word by spending time in it. You have to be diligent to read your Bible and reflect on it every day and obey it. Treat it like the priceless treasure it is. Sometimes those people have received a message from the Lord for the church, like when the Lord spoke through the Apostles or when the Lord gives Kenneth Copeland a prophecy.

Other times, the Holy Spirit uses those people to share a special message specifically for you.

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Make sure those people are Spirit-filled, Spirit-led and full of faith. Do you find yourself doing all the talking in your prayer time with the Lord?

What is the Holy Spirit & What Does He Do?

If you never get quiet enough to listen, how will you ever hear what the Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart? When you pray, spend some time praising God for His goodness and thanking Him for all He has done for you Psalm Give yourself plenty of room to fail and make mistakes. Just as the marriage relationship becomes more rewarding as you work on knowing and understanding one another more intimately, so it is with the Holy Spirit. Develop sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

The dove from heaven is so gentle and sensitive he will never force himself on you. In the same way, the Spirit comes as a dove to rest upon us and we need to spend time in his presence to detect what grieves or pleases him. He soothes, he comforts, calls by name and can even give you a pet name. Daily times of devotion, silence and solitude are indispensable, Ps.

Cultivate fellowship with the Spirit through conversation. Greet the Holy Spirit each morning. Ask him questions. Invite him to help you constantly as you face your challenges. Freely share your joys and sorrows with him. Build a habit of referring decisions to him.

Take the Holy Spirit as Your Guide

At first it may look awkward as you seem to hear no reply. Understandably, it will be slower for you to make decisions, but it is just because you have not yet learnt to identify his language and symbols. He communicates all the same, and you grow gradually into understanding what he is saying.

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Grow in daily fellowship with the Spirit as you read and react to the scriptures. Invite him to open your understanding whenever you turn to the scripture. Satan blinds our understanding. He gives deeper insight and conviction. Invite him to empower you to obey the scriptures.

What Happens When You Don’t ‘Feel’ the Holy Spirit Like Everyone Else?

Build intimacy with the Holy Spirit through prayer. Invite him to help your weakness during times of prayer.


He knows and prays according to the will of God. Ask for his anointing to make two-way praying possible. He helps to intensify your prayer. Pray in the Spirit.

Understanding the Holy Spirit

Jude 20, 1 Cor. Increase your friendship with the Holy Spirit through passion for him. Be more interested in the Spirit than in his gifts and what you can get out of him. Tell him you love him. Sing songs to him as you would to a friend. Enjoy his company. Get interested in his interests and avoid grieving and quenching him.