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A mysterious woman visits the diner and asks waitress Maggie Evans about the Collins family. The ghost of Josette Colins appears to Matthew and attempts to protect Victoria. Sam begins to paint a bizarre portrait of a woman surrounded by flames, which he cannot explain. Burke hopes to get Laura to clear him of the manslaughter charge that sent him to prison.

Laura tells her son, David , the story of the immortal creature known as a Phoenix and he has a terrifying nightmare about his mother. Includes Episodes - November 21, - January 11, Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. As for the series' opening? The title card is identical down to the font and Norma Tonega's "You're Dead" returns to herald the beginning of each episode. Newcomers will be singing along to the catchy, macabre bop in no time, and old fans will feel as if they've been welcomed home.

A Definitive Guide to Jungian Shadow Work: How to Get to Know and Integrate Your Dark Side

Fans of the original may find themselves missing Nosferatu lookalike Petyr R. Colin and Guillermo are ready to take their places in new and exciting ways. Colin, the fourth flatmate, is an energy vampire. What exactly is an energy vampire?

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As Colin explains it, "We either bore you with a long conversation or we enrage you. Played by Mark Proksch aka Nate from The Office , Colin isn't exactly a scene-stealer, since he rarely appears with the rest of the cast.

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But whenever he does go toe-to-toe with his co-stars, Proksch relentlessly clinches every laugh. As for Guillermo, he's no Jackie, and that's a good thing. Harvey Guillen embodies Guillermo in all his weirdness with mesmerizing specificity. Equal parts straight man and odd one out, Guillen helps shepherd the narrative scene-to-scene with his incisive dialogue and unwavering nervousness — keeping the story's pace at a strong clip without sacrificing any of his character.

Lady Bird 's Beanie Feldstein appears as Jenna, a friend of Guillermo and live-action role play aficionado. Hilarious and fully invested, Feldstein as always shines in her portrayal, but this narrative is particularly attuned to her wheelhouse. Jenna's character arc, which could roughly be described as female empowerment meets coming-of-age meets Dracula , feels like the culmination of Feldstein's existing acting credits. This is one subplot that shouldn't be spoiled, so just prepare yourself for the completely aces performance this woman is about to give you.

News of the SNL actress's Shadows casting has been floating around for a while, but her character Evie Russell has been wholly absent from promotional materials — and with good reason.

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She is worth the wait. I will tell you absolutely nothing about Evie other than she appears first in Episode 3 and is so, so, so great. April 10, mark your calendars. Not convinced you can survive without Clement and Waititi reprising their roles as Vladislav and Viago on-screen? Well, you might not have to. In an interview with Vulture , Waititi offered some encouraging words regarding the status of Shadows ' beloved former stars. If we ever felt like we wanted to play those characters again, we could. Whether Viago would want to leave Katherine for that long, remains to be seen.