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I write non-fiction about insurance. After 24 years, it is what I know. I have already published a couple of e-books on insurance matters for Baby Boomers.

7 Simple Ways to Make a Good Story Great

I am currently working on a third one. I hope to get a couple more topics done next year so that I can combine all of them into one big reference manual. I did, however, want to let you know that I am one of the nerds who do check out who the publisher is for a book. Some publishing houses cater more to my tastes than others. If you are contemplating going the traditional route than you should pay attention to who is publishing what. For some markets it makes a difference.

For example, I was talking to a lawyer the other day. For him, having his book published by the Bar Association was a huge deal. It matters for that crowd. The expense can be mitigated to some degree by being smart about hiring freelancers and publishing the book through your own company vs. Am in that phase of getting enough money together. It is true that self-publishing my chosen route will cost money!

I paid them thousands of dollars and have gained nothing in return. Good luck. Three books! You could try Kindle publishing first. Then if your audience wants it, move into print once you have the funds for it. Subsidy publishing is rarely a good idea if you want to make any money or gain credibility from your book.

Congrats on taking control of your books! My experience echoes a couple of your points. First, when I was trying to figure out whether to go with a publisher or the self-publishing route, several people who had books published told me to self-publish.

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Another said the process just takes a ridiculously long time — a year and a half or more. I ended up going with a small, niche publisher and my one major argument in favor of that course is having a tough editor to work over your manuscript. It helped improve my book immensely. So, as you said, even if you decide to self-publish, hire a good editor.

Especially if you plan on charging people for the book. Finally, my experience has been the opposite of what others have found. Hi Rob…you are absolutely right. Having an editor is vital, no matter how you opt to publish. Re: blog to book vs. Thank you for an inspirational piece. Lots of great ideas there, particularly regarding the thought leadership aspect of publishing.

Despite nodding his head enthusiastically during the exchange, he was never going to run back home and do a search on the topic. For him, there were no authority figures online that would deliver his information in the way he wants it. Thankfully, my publisher agreed to part with some dead tree cash to create a dead tree book that helps dead wood floaters dip their toe in the blogging waters. It goes without saying that Copyblogger and the team will get lauded to the heavens. Hi Fin…thanks for reading! Amazon is one of the highest authority sites online. I have incoming links from Amazon.

My offline books help my online findability in a huge way and have led to publicity and business opportunities that I never EVER got when I just sold ebooks way back when. Nice Post about eBook publishing, it going to helps me lot in writing my upcoming eBook Weird Tweeps. Thanks for the great advice Susan. Even though I have written four fiction books — all unpublished by Publishing companies but in the process of self-publishing I found your advice helpful and encouraging. My manuscript was accepted a couple of years ago by a self-publishing company which sent me a letter stating my book deserved to be published or something to that effect.

It offered royalties but no advance. Please advise. Thank you in advance. They take anything. Unless you only want to publish a few copies for friends and family, a subsidy is not a good idea. Traditional publishers pay an advance. Find presses that are publishing memoir and learn what their submission guidelines are.

Many traditional publishers will only accept submissions from agents. So you may need to research agents who specialize in memoir as well. With true self-publishing i. The goal is to make it look as good as books coming out of traditional publishing houses. An excellent answer Susan. I put out thousands of dollars on self-publishing companies with promises galore.

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Then they want to charge. I tried once — and again — they did nothing to help my book. You can set a lower discount with LS, but CS has lower setup fees. With reference to the self-publishing aspect of this article, this is a great indepth interview with a New York writer who has published three novels using Lulu and Amazon. He gives some good advice throughout about self-publishing as way to reach an audience and about the perceptions of others towards a publishing route that has its fair share of advocates and critics.

Thanks for the link Garry. A lot of people seem to think they have to apologize for self-publishing. Thank you for the inspiring post. I am a mom of two little ladies who are currently learning to read. Thank you for the virtual push. PS: I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the tips and advice provided here. Thank you for all you and the other members do.

Hi Susan. It is really very interesting to read this post. I hope these tips are more helpful for the writers very well.

Seven Simple Steps to Start Writing a Book Now Spin Sucks

Good informative post. Susan — inspiring, informative post! My book that I believe has the power to change lives is in the final stages of readiness, as I prepare to take the big leap with Create Space. And you are right on about the fact that good blogs have an important place, but, unlike well written books, they are not cohesive units. Hi Lynn — Big congratulations on your new book!

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For me, that has been the right choice. I love books and I like the go go scheme of your blog.

May I request additional info or past results or any tips on self publishing of the Self-Publishing Conference you are organizing. Thank you. Then, you have a ready market for your book right there on your blog. That was my point in 5. I got a lot of feedback and learned what my audience needed to know. And of course, my blog readers were buyers as well. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. Paris Hilton has one. Rob Lowe has one too. Being a book author gives you a level of credibility like almost nothing else.

Here are seven secrets Paris and Seth know that you may not know about getting a book written and published: 1.

How a First-Time Author Got a 7-Figure Book Deal

Have you ever heard of Mark Victor Hansen? You can learn everything you need to know Many authors take a peek at the book-publishing business, get completely overwhelmed, and run away. You have to market the book Even if an enormous New York City publishing house publishes your book, you will have to market it. Book publishing is different now. Marketing Print Books.

Step 1: Find Kindle Keywords People Actually Type into Amazon

How to Market an Audiobook. Video Marketing for Authors. Content Marketing for Authors and Writers. How to Podcast. Book Marketing With Visual Content. Integrity, Authenticity, Generosity, Social Karma. Your Book Marketing Strategy. Where major publishers were once the only option, 35 percent of authors today choose to self-publish. While this means more control, and often better royalties, it is easy to overlook aspect such as design and distribution.

A quality self-publishing service can make sure these aspects get the attention they need and deserve. Choose the right files for the output — high resolution print files, or properly formatted ePub for electronic publishing. Consider publishing in audiobook format. Once your book is on the market, you will need to make sure it sells.

When it comes to distribution, you want your book available from as many retailers as possible. Many booksellers will not sell a book unless it can be ordered from a major distributor. Today this includes players such as Amazon, Google, and Apple, in addition to traditional retailers. With your book in the distribution network, it is still up to you to market and promote your book. Consider hiring a public relations firm to promote you as an author, and not just your book. Look into print advertising for your target market. Consider hiring an online marketing specialist.

Publishing a book the right way can be a long and in-depth process. Just like any long and multifaceted process, the key is to take it one step at a time.

1. Go beyond the five senses.

And when you run into trouble, try to remember why you wanted to publish your book in the first place! US Edition U. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.