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Arguably, the greater the potential for personal gains or negative impacts, the more likely it can be for someone to make a decision that's more aligned with punitive avoidance. Ethical decision-making goes beyond the often used and limited evaluation as to whether something is "good or bad" or "right or wrong". Therefore, these three components drive individuals to test their considerations to determine if their choices and subsequent decisions are made for convenience reasons.

The challenge is that tough or heart-wrenching decisions can cause individuals to analyze too much or be paralyzed by perceived personal risk s of making an ethical decision verses the value of doing the right thing s.

If the former is used as the criteria, then too many times those who engage in questionable or unethical behavior are unfortunately allowed to continue their actions because of someone's unnecessary complicity due to inaction. As a result, individuals who are involved in malfeasance are given implicit approval to prolong their self-serving actions. Individuals usually know if their or others' behaviors are questionable or unethical. Nevertheless, ethical decisions sometimes require additional information to fully consider a situation or make a subsequent choice.

Design With Dilemmas

The challenge - at times - can be associated with incidents that fall within an uncertain classification or someone's determination as to whether or not to get involved. During these types of considerations, there can be significant internal conflicts to contend with while attempting to act or behave ethically. Choosing to take a stand against questionable or unethical activities isn't always easy. However, it's better than at best being complicit or at worst being an accomplice to activities that can have negative impacts to individuals, organizations, companies, and societies.

Moreover, there must be societal support, training reinforcement, corporate policies, and laws to ensure that those who report illicit activities are protected.

Ethical Dilemma Situations

Consequently, there will be reduced misgivings about reporting those who breach their personal, fiduciary, and societal responsibilities. Without prudent leadership and strength of character, the answer to the question "Confronted with an Ethical Dilemma: What will you do? Writings by Topic. Go to Mobile Site. Like 4 Dislike 2. Email Address: optional.

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Title of Comments:. Comments: Mark my comment as a response to A personal dilemma by Ruben Lenger. Email me if someone replies to my comment. China Disrupts the Middle East.

What Is an Ethical Dilemma?

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