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Is that going to help your relationships? By Judith J. Wurtman Ph. Is it encroaching into this of Peak Experience, that has us keep emotionally overeating? Is it a redirect to guaranteed happiness that one hasn't experienced at all, on this day? By Tracy A. Dennis-Tiwary Ph. Awareness of the benzodiazepine crisis is growing. What do we know, and what can we do? By Paul Stoller Ph. On the path of cancer, diagnosis is surprisingly difficult to bear.

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By Seth Meyers Psy. Bitter individuals can wreak a lot of havoc in their personal and professional lives. Understanding how they think and operate helps all those they encounter. By Rick Hanson Ph. Evertyone and especially mothers should get adequate sleep, eat correctly, exercise regularly, avoid health hazards, and have regular checkups. If you're young and thinking of ways to alter your appearance because you don't feel good enough, consider your inner emotions and experience. What happens after forgiveness? Is it enough to forgive? Do we simply want to feel better, or do we want to restore the relationship?

By Tchiki Davis, Ph. Want to know why you do the things you do? Learn about self-reflection and try these self-reflection strategies. By Lisa Zeiderman Esq. By Mark Travers Ph. New research explores misperceptions about racial economic equality in America. What would it take for each of us to upset our wellness balance and become overwhelmed? By David J. Ley Ph. The idea that people "block out" traumatic memories has been proven wrong over and over. Why, then, do therapists continue to promote it? By Hal Shorey Ph.

Attachment theory suggests that dismissing people might cheat because they are running away from relationships; whereas preoccupied people may be running toward relationships. By Glenn Geher Ph. Sexuality is changing at breakneck speed. Sex within intimate relationships is plummeting, while technology-assisted sex is skyrocketing. This is a problem. By Robert Enright Ph. The seven questions here are not an exam, which the other passes or fails. A keen observer of modern society and its challenges, Kyler writes using insights from the Classical and Austrian Schools of Economics, the philosophy of Objectivism, and a critical analysis of the twentieth-century "Welfare State".

On this foundation, his writing aims to bring to life heroic and romantic characters and to depict a world freed of tough problems that have plagued the last century. A Swedish national, he currently lives in France with his wife and daughter, where he works as a management consultant.

Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Product Details About the Author. The tapes evoke the crowds that once sang here. Racial diversity in Western cinema has been particularly contentious since the Oscars scandal of , when not one actor of colour was nominated for an award.

By now, critics have noted the similarities between the two films: British South Asian male protagonists, small-town lives, fanaticism around sensational twentieth-century Western musicians. However, these comparisons have obscured fundamental differences, not only in genre, but also in their approaches to South Asian identity. As an active prison reform campaigner, I have wanted the fences and walls which surround our prisons to become metaphorically invisible.

But why is this important to me? As a former prisoner who, due to sentence and not a conviction, will always have to disclose parts of my criminal record, and who will forever have my life open to scrutiny, privacy is not an option; I had or have no choice in the matter. A reformed character, my new label? And whilst life for non-binary and trans folks is still difficult, even dangerous, there seems to be more cultural awareness if not sensitivity about various trans identities within cis circles.

The relentless violence and bombings conducted by Afghan state forces, U. People are sent to prison as punishment for a crime they are alleged to have committed. I say alleged as I am no longer confident that a finding of guilt in court is an indication of whether the alleged guilty party, is in fact, guilty; however, this is a separate debate. In the last few weeks Bury Football Club has been facing eradication due to complete mismanagement by their owner.

Bury are the victims of the shifting focus of the English Football League and club owners from the survival of teams to the creation of profit. Furthermore, the mountain is also an important habitat for several endemic species of animals. Since then, this group has gained traction, and crowds have grown from a few hundred, to thousands.

If you were to go there today, you would find a large camp on the site, with tents, cultural ceremonies taking place, traditional food being prepared, and a community run day care and school. My second week at Edinburgh Fringe Festival offered a selection of shows more overtly dealing with Feminist themes. A news-based long read of the darkening climate under Boris Johnson, and consequent examination of the solutions.

NB: this piece was written before the announcement of the suspension of parliament. The call to progressive action is of the utmost urgency. Shock, horror!! So, amidst this caustic circus, where is the progressive clout? In the wake of the recent lockdown in Kashmir, the region long contested between India, Pakistan and its own people, in which communication has been drastically halted and public gatherings banned, Indian politics has found its way into international headlines.

But the situation in Kashmir is just one aspect of a much broader, increasingly fascist regime run by a Hindu-supremacist, far-right government. Over the past five years under this regime, Muslims have been lynched by government-affiliated mobs for alleged beef consumption; persecution — and murder — of Dalits members of the lowest castes through similar means has soared; journalists have been assassinated for trying to tell the truth.

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Unlike many dystopian dramas, Leila is not set in a post-apocalyptic or reorganised world which encodes real socio-political dynamics within imaginary ones. Instead, it neatly locates contemporary Indian landmarks and structural oppressions within the complex fabric of a dystopian future state: Aryavarta, a set of strictly segregated communities governed by fully-fledged totalitarianism. Student politics has an image problem.

And of course, to add insult to injury, this is a mantra extolled almost exclusively by comfortable middle-aged, middle-class, white men, who were privileged enough to get their feet under the table having never been asked to lift a finger for free. Even so, there seems to be little that those being exploited by this practice can do about it. A recent report from the Centre for Social Justice CSJ , the Tory think-tank which brought us Universal Credit, has recommended the government raise the retirement age from 65 to 70 by , and to 75 by They now seek to steal the last golden years of life from the majority of working class people who cannot afford a private pension in order to retire early.

Durkheim saw deviance as an inevitable part of life which is needed for innovation and change. Since 5th August , the Indian government has shut down Kashmir in the most repressive and terrifying fashion possible. Meanwhile, the Indian government has simultaneously imposed a media and communications blackout, cutting off the internet and thus preventing Kashmiris from being able to communicate their suffering in real time to the rest of the world. However, in doing so, there was no media black-out nor curfews imposed.

India, on the other , has jailed all Kashmiri leadership, transferring them to jails in New Delhi, as well as, according to a magistrate speaking on condition of anonymity, arresting and detaining over 4, Kashmiri citizens since 5th August. Caligari was released to the general horror of theater-going audiences. The film told the story of a hypnotist Dr.

Caligari who uses a somnambulist to commit murders on his behalf. Through the character of the Doctor, the films presents a very vivid and real depiction of brutal, irrational authority in the inter-war period. Flash forward 99 years, and it is a very different type of cabinet but very similar type of character that is looking to reinforce their own brutal and irrational authority upon others. Edinburgh Fringe festival seems to get bigger and bigger each year; there are hundreds of shows to choose from and the densely-packed programme can be difficult to decipher.

Here we have briefly reviewed three distinct shows from the edition, dealing with the mind, the body, sexuality, relationships and gender. But this abandoned-looking building is in fact one of two homes of a fascinating local photography exhibition. The Lost Legacies of The British Black Panthers provides a vital insight into the anti-racist activism of the Windrush generation which is often overlooked in our understanding of twentieth-century British history.

In my opinion, to make a statement like that shows how far removed from reality some of our politicians are. In America, a lot of the States still use the death penalty. I would say that is the ultimate consequential terror for anyone to face. In the UK, the final execution took place as recent as ; in fact, the death penalty in the UK was only, totally completely abolished in New discussions have been taking place about the future of the displaced Rohingya population in Bangladesh, and their potential repatriation journey back over the border to Myanmar.

The progression of the repatriation process however, as the UN has reiterated, remains frustratingly slow. But the Rohingya are not the only displaced minority demanding security guarantees and respect for their rights from the Burmese government. Elsewhere in the country, as well as across the Thai and Chinese borders other displaced ethnic groups — such as Kachin and Karen — are being faced with the same dilemma.

Either to remain in squalid refugee camps, or make the journey home and risk returning to renewed violence and repression. Complete with photographs and gifs, each choice you make leads to another thread. Depending on your choice, you either face the termination of your contract or you are allowed to continue the game. Between and , the Ebola virus raged through western Africa, killing over 11, people. A lack of preparedness, underfunding for health facilities and the stigmatization of infected individuals led to the spreading and an inability to combat the virus sooner. Nevertheless, it managed to be contained.

Now, however, it risks spreading again, this time reappearing in the Democratic Republic of Congo and moving towards Uganda. Having already claimed more than 1, lives, the promise by world leaders that this would not happen again is ringing hollow. The actions that were supposed to speak louder than words have failed to materialise and once again, the rest of the world looks on while Africans die.

A message I have carried whilst campaigning for reforms in our prison system has been one of making the walls of justice invisible. As someone that became, somewhat, institutionalised to the safety and comfort of prison, I saw those walls as keeping people out. I also saw this as a good thing. How ironic then, that here I am now, writing an article promoting transparency to those very same walls that were my protectors.

S state forces have unjustifiably slaughtered millions.

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The pot is definitely calling the kettle black. In recent years, the indie-rock revival has gained traction across the UK, spurning artists such as Circa Waves, The Magic Gang, Sea Girls and countless other bands and solo artists with catchy, accessible lyrics and melodies against guitar-heavy backgrounds. At 4 AM, in Lowestoft, Suffolk, a crowd assembled on the beach. Waves of dreamy ambient sound flooded in.

With impressive synchronicity, a soft blue light filled the sky. We were gathered for First Light Festival; an eclectic pageant of orchestras, electronic music, contemporary dance and workshops in honour of our closest star, the Sun. Free to enter and running continuously for 24 hours, First Light included attractions such as Gilles Peterson and Rosemary Lee. On the beach, locals and outsiders fused into a rosy heap under degree temperatures. Ten years after Derek was hung. Two lives were taken, one by Christopher, one by the state. Cramped and overcrowded rooms, sometimes stuffed with double the maximum capacity; people confined for well over the allowed period; children separated from their parents and thrown in rooms with strangers.

And this may not be the worse yet, as a Trump administration lawyer went viral when she argued that the government was not obligated to provide basic hygiene products and beds to immigrant children detained at these facilities. We are all actors in a global hegemonic food and agricultural system that is increasingly undemocratic, unjust, and dominated by corporate interest in the hands of a rich minority.

Sadly, it is ultimately the poorest and more marginalised people in society who are impacted the most by food poverty, having to buy and consume cheap food with poor nutritional value. The nighttime gale weaves its way into the building, embraces your exposed limbs and extremities and you shudder your brain back into the realm of sleep. A tall hill of turquoise, gendered cooing and guffawing, chainmail crop tops, and dance-fights with mops, performed to the sound of nineties nostalgia: Lizzy Shakespeare and Michelle Madsen, together known as Bait Theatre, effectively wield experimental drama to tear through the fanciful tropes of traditional fairy-tale femininity.

We are fighting for our smiles. This is an act of defiance. The certainty of retribution implied within the above statement seems exaggerative for merely flying kites, but this is the reality in Burin, a village that holds fast among beautiful rolling hills in the countryside of the northern West Bank, and which is also surrounded by three illegal Israeli settlements.

Centuries old, with a population of nearly three thousand, the villagers of Burin have long cared for this land. This land that Israel wants so badly but will never have. This is something we pursue collaboratively, and in communion with others. After a Hope Not Hate survey revealed the not-so-shocking discovery that two thirds of Conservative Party Members are islamophobes, pressure has been mounting for the Tories to launch a party inquiry into Islamophobia.

Though the survey results were damning, the response from the media has been somewhat subdued.

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Can you imagine the backlash if a survey found that two thirds of Labour Party members believed antisemitic conspiracy theories? The next Tory leader will inherit this scandal and may not be able to brush it off so easily. Extinction Rebellion may be getting the most headlines, but another grassroots movement is challenging government and global inaction on climate change. Nothing Fills a Hole Like a Double Decker: 31 years ago, the City Centre end of Earlham Road imploded after the ancient chalk mine beneath it collapsed in on itself, dragging a Number 26 bus into the hole that it created.

Jones begins his performance by questioning the collective inaction and wilful ignorance that propels us into our own holes in the road. Land is a topic that is not at the centre of political news or conversations in the UK, yet land and how we value it is central to environmental, social and economic sustainability worldwide. Land is central to food security, culture, conflict and peace, and society as a whole.

Food is a human right, and yet it is a commodity privy to the powers of the market, and not guaranteed for many people. Power is concentrated in the hands of a few mega corporations who monopolise global agriculture and food systems. The Last Word Festival at The Roundhouse, Camden, merges various art forms that all centre on the spoken word — in some cases fusing with music, circus and cabaret.

Established artists feature in the festival alongside younger, emerging artists; The Roundhouse supports 18 to year-olds starting out in spoken word poetry amongst other things through the Roundhouse Poetry Collective, of which I was a member. Each show I see, I bump into fellow poets, for example, chatting to Toby Campion, we realise we both came through the Roundhouse programme. But Salah El Nagar has achieved local fame, both for his widely translated Arabic poems, and for his cooking. By day, he runs Ramses Egyptian Food, usually located in the market in the heart of Norwich city centre he also runs pop-up stalls at venues around the city.

By evening, you can find him at the Birdcage, promoting acceptance, diversity, and gender equality through his poignant and witty poems. After the FIFA World Cup in Russia, England football fans had enjoyed a slightly improved reputation internationally for behaving themselves a bit better at away games in Europe. This illusion was shattered last week in Portugal for all the world to see, as boozy lads in shorts and polos attacked locals with bottles, wrecked cars, and clashed with police on the streets of Porto.

Embedded homophobia, a staple of the hooligan culture of old, also reared its ugly head again in Portugal with some England fans feeling unsafe among their own supporters.

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  6. With genuine caution signs for wet floors from leaks, it feels like an abandoned building that has been turned into an exhibition space — but in a cool way. Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria in , over three million civilians have fled the country. Afghanistan has been subjected to war for four decades resulting in Afghans comprising the second highest refugee population in the world, yet the vast majority of Afghan refugees live in Iran and Pakistan. This resettlement of Syrian and Afghan refugees in neighbouring countries is no anomaly: the majority of refugees around the world reside in countries neighbouring their own.

    These countries often have poor economies and fragility of peace and governance, yet they often accommodate millions of refugees. In concluding this three-part series of documented sex crimes by Core Civic upon immigrant inmates, supported by a sworn Affidavit by FEDSBANE and a further witness, The Norwich Radical now chooses to shine a light on high level Core Civic Management and their response to these crimes: to examine if their replies are consistent with their stated ethics policies, and if felonies remain unresolved.

    Luckily, her brother was returned, beaten up but alive. Hello patriarchy! It is clear that this is not the same for male sexual issues, where there are actual solutions which are often available to buy over the counter. I like seeing Julius Nicholson squirm. And Norma Desmond is always a good distraction. The SU is also being accused of acting undemocratically for taking these actions. Millions of farmers in Myanmar are fearing eviction and incarceration after a recent amendment in national land law. Now three months into this amendment in effect, the consequences have already been devastating for smallholder farmers.

    I am probably not the image most people have in their mind when they think of a Gypsy. My mother is of mostly Irish-American stock — which gives me a few ginger wisps in my beard, and a smattering of freckles across my nose and cheeks. My hair is dark brown, not black. Most of the time I wear jeans and t-shirt, I rarely ever dance on tables, and I have no piercings or tattoos. I live in an apartment in the centre of a European capital with a woman whom I am not married to, and I travel only about 20 minutes maximum by foot every day to go to work. They may or may not have a tambourine, and may or may not be wearing a turban with a little gem in the centre holding it up.

    Maybe you see a fortune teller, or a travelling metalsmith? Perhaps a musician? If you are European, more likely you also see a beggar, a thief, a criminal. Barbershop Chronicles is a ride which buzzes with energy from the first shaves to the final fades. Like hairdressers or taxi rides, barbershops can be intimate spaces for banter, storytelling and confession.

    We become part of the warmth and banter between sensitive characters and appreciate the feelings and analyses that come with post-colonial politics, experiences of cultural change, complex family dynamics and making a living amongst love and friendship. The subject matter is essentially natural — life and death — yet, the poems are experimental and bring in cultural elements such as technological language and hip hop references, as well as religious allusions. Corey provided evidence of industrial-scale prurient crimes targeted at the dignity of immigrants and carried out by Core Civic.

    It was deeply saddening to read that prominent environmental campaigner and lawyer, Polly Higgins, sadly passed away on Sunday. Her efforts and contribution towards the global environmental struggle have been both immensely brave and intensely important, thus she and her work must not go unforgotten. Fugitive criminal or hero?

    The Golden Child VS. The $capegoat Part 1

    Everyone seems to have an opinion on the sudden arrest of Julian Assange on April 11th, what the broader implications are, and what his fate should be. While noting that the Extinction Rebellion XR is in some way appreciated, one major theme of the discussion was that XR is failing to take along vulnerable and minority groups. Far from being single-minded and unreflexive, discussions within the group show that XR is very much seeking to learn and grow.

    For me, what this current exhibition at White Cube lacked in comparison to the previous one was more context to frame the concept of the artwork. Whilst there was an A4 sheet about the exhibition overall, it felt like the viewer was being pushed to form their own meanings. I also enjoyed the work in Margate more for its skill of embroidery where the stitched looked like paint from afar, whilst pieces in this exhibit lacked this sense of innovation.

    Going to university is a challenging time. For many it is their first time away from home with full independence. New students are presented with countless opportunities and choices, many of which will shape and change them as people. For people with mental health issues, however, this challenge is often exacerbated. Appellations can sometimes be crucial. To say that the UK is a democracy is to forget that it is a liberal democracy.

    In just the same way, it is lacking to say that the Costa del Sol profits from tourism, when really it profits from mass tourism. The mass changes everything, indicating a mass influx of tourists and a corresponding frenzy of mass consumption in the destination. Friends and colleagues of Rojas claim this act is political persecution. I had a good time. The British press has been in a frenzy recently over nineteen-year-old Shamima Begum and her desire to return to the UK from the refugee camp in Syria where she currently resides.

    There are probably very few people in the UK who are unaware that Shamima travelled from the UK to ISIS territory in Syria at the age of fifteen, where she married an ISIS militant, conceived and lost two children before giving birth to a third who also passed away in the refugee camp in Syria she currently calls home. Make no mistake, I am not a defender of the current Nicholas Maduro regime in Venezuela, and there is widespread opposition to Maduro in Venezuela: right now, in Caracas, despite a ban on rallies, there are thousands of people protesting the Maduro regime.

    However, the US intervention in Venezuela is a violation of international law and is not being called out by many media outlets. We reproduce it here in full:. Hugo Blanco — famously described by Latin American literary giant Eduardo Galeano as a man who was born twice. His first birth was in , and he spent his early years living as a white boy in Cusco, a city where indigenous people were not allowed to walk on the pavement.

    Unphased by his skin colour, Hugo would play in the streets with his friends, speaking the local language of Quechua. Upon hearing of a local landowner branding the skin of one of the peasants with his initials, Hugo Blanco, the ardent revolutionary was born. Ever since its first appearance on the horizon, pro-Brexit politicians have backed the concept through playing on the fears of the public and eulogising about the past days of the British Empire. Skinny Lister play one hell of a live show.

    With guitar and accordion and their ever-present flagon of rum, they set the Norwich Arts Centre a-jumping last Friday night, just as they did the Waterfront on their last visit to Noz in late This time, I was lucky enough to sit down with frontwoman Lorna Thomas in the bar beforehand, to talk all things Skinny. Once again, we witness more self-inflicted deaths in custody routinely followed by lessons not being learned, recommendations being ignored, and worst of all — even in cases where an inquest jury has delivered a unanimous decision on a failure to provide an individual with a duty of care — no action being taken against those who failed to provide the care that loved ones and families of those in prison have a right to expect.

    But I mean one that really floored you — stopped you mid-scroll, and in a red mist, made you click those three innocuous little dots on the right and Submit to Facebook for Review? They twig whenever they hear the roaring chants for llibertat! Then they see the big flags streaming towards them, the mass of shuffling human walls, the yellow ribbons clinging to every urban limb. They move on when they sense a protest coming. Not only are far-right political parties moving closer to the mainstream, but young people are getting involved in movements opposing immigration.

    I will again emphasise another, so far unacknowledged, caveat: this method of manufacturing investment not only cheats people short-term — including those vacuous nutjobs at the top- but sustains a deceptive, distinctly digital control well into the destructive future. Once removed and shiny, the technological medium of devices and social media is the perfect way to distract from the escalation of political inequality by cunningly feigning advancement. Sense Me, by Annum Salman, arrives in a beautiful box filled with paper hearts, shredded tissue paper and a plastic blue quill-style pen.

    Yet, a year on and the opposite seemed to manifest. Here, I will emphasise: to fixate on external acquirement such as an invincible social status and intensive office hours and treat them as if a modern romance, is to internalise a toxic masculinity that does not oppose but instead reinforces historic gender inequality.

    Follow this regressive trajectory, and not only do women begin to undermine their previous progress, but too, start to become foot soldiers in a universally dark tyranny. Introducing a new series, aiming to give an honest insight into the often-unspoken difficulties of being an activist. Engaging in activism is great. We can gain life-long friends, develop important skills and learn more about the world.

    Peru thrown into constitutional crisis amid power struggle

    But like most things worth doing, it comes with its own problems. I was recently asked to be a guest speaker on an American live radio show to talk about the collateral damage of injustice and corruption in US prisons. The show is aired from Colorado Springs, so in order to be able to talk about local issues, as I usually cover correctional facilities in Florida, I set about researching prisons in Colorado — which also led me to Louisiana — and I came across a company formerly known as Corrections Corporation of America CCA that changed their name to Core Civic in October during ongoing scrutiny of the private prison industry in the US.

    Last November saw climate activist attempt to use USA state elections in order to pass through a number of climate friendly referendums. However, those concerned with the fate of the planet had reasons to be optimistic, as climate change begins to emerge, as an issue on the USA political agenda. Unsurprising because for years some climate activists have been disillusioned with the notion of a top-down political solution to climate change because it is the political and economic elites who have been the architects of this economic and climate crisis, and who benefit from the current capitalist, neoliberal system.

    But what about the fight for free education that has been active on our campuses since ? For many activists in the last few generations of students, it was the issue that brought us together and gave us the skills to take the fight to the powerful. Throughout the poems, there is an unexpectedness of themes and figures, from God to Buffalo. This shift is sudden, like a stream of consciousness or a narrative story. Moreover, the pieces throughout this book seem to have been produced in a more automatic manner: repetition in titles, along with numbers and extended use of brackets.

    These automatic devices are sporadic and run parallel to themes of loss and nostalgia; both of which lead to a noticeable automatic writing style. You might even enjoy some canned ciders as you watch an animated speaker deliver one motivational speech after the next. Hitchcockian voyeurism aside, women also seemed to be adopting the strange, disciplinary mood.

    But where was the urgency? Previously, I wrote about five feminist picks at Vault Festival — an eight-week long festival full of theatre, comedy, spoken word, and more, held in and around The Vaults in London Waterloo. Prison — noun — a building in which people are legally held as a punishment for a crime they have committed or while awaiting trial. Number one is definitely the case, but what about number two?

    Well, based on the latest government figures in relation to self-harm, violence, and suicides, I would suggest that the Ministry of Justice is not delivering on one of its key strategic priorities. Bananas have been part of our diet for thousands of years, and are the most popular fruit in the world, with over billion bananas eaten around the world every year.

    In the UK, each of us eats on average around 10 kg, or bananas, per year. Grown across the tropical regions of the world, banana export production provides an essential source of income for hundreds of thousands of rural households in developing countries. However, many of the plantation workers who produce our bananas fail to earn a living wage and do not have their labour rights respected, while the intensive use of agrochemicals harms the health of workers and the surrounding environment.

    We are offered an insight into the world of the Anna Cathenka, and a number of other strange worlds, through the unfamiliar and occasionally confusing lens of biological ocean life. Academics are often accused of failing to make their research matter to audiences other than themselves. Anthropologists are particularly criticized for writing theories and ethnographies that not only go unread by non-anthropologists, but are also too inaccessible to those they may be writing about. Here I hope to try and explain a central aspect of my PhD research in Papua New Guinea and share some of the ways it has got me thinking about politics and economics back in the UK.

    This is a legitimate argument which has to be taken seriously. Therefore, I self-consciously use some of my observations in Papua New Guinea enabled by the generosity of those who I lived with in PNG and the ideas of Western social theorists. The context must be taken into account here: these letters do not discuss Germany as it stands today, but rather what it represented under the Third Reich — fascism and the intolerance of diversity and dissent. It started with this.

    Gold standard

    When a woman in some foreign land Is stoned to death by law, Is buried to her neck in sand, Her naked face smashed — raw, When feminists get jailed, then hung When they fight for the right to exist, Speak out — Sing out their silenced song! The memorial itself is opposite Southrepps Hall and is made up of an avenue of Tilia Cordata — small-leaf lime trees — and three flag poles hosting the Union Jack, the Rhodesian flag and the original Southern Rhodesian flag. It would appear that the Sladden family built the memorial to commemorate their connections to the former country and to celebrate its memory.

    All over the world we see grave injustices occurring and human rights abuses on mass scales. It only seems as though an international response is warranted, however, when these injustices reach some sort of pinnacle; often manifesting as the deaths of many thousands. We should be able to see the warning signs by now, and should be a year of working towards prevention, rather than mastering the art of tidying up the mess.

    On a recent trip to Bristol, I found myself in a pop-up art exhibition. The opening night was bustling with people, with on site screen-printing, music, and a generally chilled vibe. The following are six artists from this exhibition that I was particularly drawn towards. It was a report in an edition of the Great Yarmouth Mercury.

    I have served as a prisoner for a good number of years at HMP Norwich, and as someone who has a complex mental health history, I came into contact with the mental health team on a regular basis. I was also a trained listener and would have dealings with the team as a third party on behalf of individual prisoners. Make no mistake — higher education in the UK is in crisis. The passionate learning, debate and inquiry that should be the soul of education has become little more than a thin veneer pasted over profiteering and corporate-style expansion. Government offices have been set on fire.

    Areas in Darfur have been burning for quite some time, though Western media no longer reports on it. The killings in Darfur that proved to be the initial acts of a campaign of genocide took place in This landslide victory against the Partido Revolucionario Institucional PRI , a centre-right party, has offered fresh hope for a country exhausted by corruption and fraud.

    So where did the movement come from, where are they now, and what does this mean for indigenous rights in Mexico? This past year has seen a global increase in horrible news stories. Immediately prior to my last period of incarceration, I had hit what I thought was rock bottom and was left with two choices: in life, things are either growing or they are dying.

    I cannot lie and say that my first choice was not the latter. Christmas is rightfully criticised as an event of extreme consumerism and financially the most challenging time of the year for many, especially as satisfying the desires of children come with an increasingly steep price tag. But it is also a time where everyone celebrating it demonstrates the capacity for generosity, self-sacrifice and thought for others. No doubt, the 20th and 21st century history of Christmas is one where people consume as much as possible, with little care for waste or the environment.

    It is also the time when people accumulate most of their debt, the time when drunk and disorderly behaviour in the UK sky rockets and domestic violence increases dramatically. I am writing to you to regarding the imminent administrative removal or forced deportation of a Swansea resident, and Congolese National, Otis Bolamu Home Office reference number: HO-B He is an engaged member of the community in Swansea, has many friends, and has volunteered with Oxfam and Hay Festival since arriving in the UK earlier this year when he formally requested asylum.

    Over the last couple of years, student media outlets on our campuses have lost much of their political clout. This is particularly true of the two main student media outlets at UEA, and can be seen in how they handled the UEA management expenses scandal last month. Crime is a constant in society. The effects seep into many different aspects, from devaluing houses on a street to scaring off tourists from a whole country. While we are accustomed to people getting away with burglaries, assaults and even murders, we are taught to believe that those who commit the gravest crimes will be punished.

    The title drew me in for personal reasons, having had my long-term relationship end last year.