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A recession simply means a period during which the overall economy is not growing, but is in fact contracting. There are mild recessions and severe ones, but as sure as the sun rises and sets, there are going to be recessions every so often. And during a recession smart businesses survive and dumb ones fail. There have been people calling for another recession since the last one ended and as a result have been missing out on tremendous growth during that time.

We should reinvest in our businesses, if we find great opportunities take them, make moves and take risks…but do so intelligently.

Say Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime?

And from a personal finance perspective, it may be a good time to reduce our spending and start squirreling away some money for when we find ourselves in less favorable conditions. In a nutshell — be smart.

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Make sure your business is ready if things slow down. Build up your reserves and your assets. Pay down debt.

Budget: Plan Every Penny

Some of the greatest financial opportunities occur during bad economic times. But the only ones who can take advantage of those opportunities are the ones who have made good decisions leading up to them. The recession was one of the scariest economic periods in recent memory.

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The US housing market collapsed, domestic car manufacturers were going broke, and major companies were going bankrupt or downsizing left and right. Small businesses failed at an alarming rate. In response to this, many of us adopted Depression Era-type mindsets and changed our behaviors afterward. In short, we got smarter after we got hurt. For a while anyway.

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But now just a little over a decade later and so many seem to have just sort of…forgotten. Consumer debt of all types is reaching all-time highs and mortgage balances continue to climb.

Surviving the Times

More and more of us are spending like the good times will never end and have very little buffer for when they inevitably do. Trips, cars, jewelry, electronics, gadgets, eating out all the time. The next recession could come next week or could take years. Recessions are inevitable — and based on historical averages we may just be overdue for at least a serious slowdown, and perhaps an actual recession. If disaster happens worldwide, if there is no one to help what will you do?

Then a good survival library will come in handy. Our generation depends on technology, but what if there is no power or electricity to run these technologies, then a survival library will save the day for everyone. A real-life library is the only effective way to gather survival knowledge.

Say Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime? | Micah Fraim, CPA

We will give you the list of survival books that you must have in your library. In these books you will find enough knowledge to survive in any emergency situation. There are so many survival books available in the market but these books are the best in business.

For other books and resources check out The Book Shelf on this page we have listed books and reference material you may want to add to your survival library. Skip to content. How to choose the best survival food? Ultimate Survival Library Building Guide In every survival situation mental strength or power is the main thing that can make a difference between life and death. How to build your own survival library? There is two way 1.

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