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2. What one event, big or small, in the past year are you going to tell your grandchildren about?

And they were more satisfied with the quality of their relationship overall. In order to get started with bringing more gratitude into your relationship she recommends the following three-day gratitude plan:. Think of the three day plan as a cleansing which allows you to clear out feelings that keep your relationship from thriving.

Keep the ratio. Over the course of a day we have a variety of positive and negative experiences. This is also true when it comes to our relationship with our significant other. Most people think that as long as the positive experiences outweigh the negative, everything is fine. Research has shown that the magical ratio for a flourishing relationship is at or above That is, you need to have three times more positive experiences with your partner than negative experiences in order to have a healthy relationship.

18 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong

Keep the novelty alive. One of the positive aspects of being in a relationship with someone for a long time is that you really get to know each other. The negative side of this is that the novelty wears off, and humans love novelty. Keep the playfulness alive. We all love to play, regardless of our age.

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Do the following: have fun together; do something ridiculous together; and just let go. In addition, the next time that your partner says something that bothers you, try responding with a joke instead of getting defensive.

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  • Give your partner space. The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer used porcupines to explain a dilemma which often exists in human relationships. Two porcupines trying to keep warm will move closer to one another. However, if they get too close they prick each other with their spines. The same thing happens in human relationships: we want closeness, but we also want space.

    Show each other daily physical affection.

    3 Powerful Questions To Ask A Guy You're Dating

    Kory Floyd, Ph. Use AAA. This stands for apology, affection, and a promise of action. To elaborate:. Focus on the positive.

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    • Terri Orbuch has been conducting a long-term study since on what makes couples happy and strengthens relationships. She advises that couples resolve to focus on the positive.

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      She explains that happy couples focus on what is going well in their relationship, rather than focusing on what is going wrong. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Increase your chances for marital bliss!! Wouldn't you rather be happy with the people you date, Wouldn't you rather be happy with the people you date, increase the likelihood that your relationships will last, and decrease the possibility that you'll ever get divorced? This book will help you make better choices View Product.

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