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The traditional social media agency model for small business owners is simply broken. Expectations on content output continue to increase, while fees stay the same.

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But the changes were so gradual, it was hard to stop the slide. This meant that costs for social media marketing subscriptions, software and talent all continued to rise, while retainers did not. What is needed to make an impact on social media and what people are generally prepared to pay for that, is incongruent with market rates for these services. Social Media Marketing agencies that primarily work with small businesses will struggle to deliver real results without raising retainer costs to allocate for media buying and increased content production. On the other hand, NYC Social Media Marketing agencies that are given budgets for the creative required to compete will rise to the top.

So where does this leave small businesses, and social media marketing companies for small businesses? Those who produce great content will win in this social media economy. However, it would be negligent to say that content alone is enough. You do need to allocate resources for digital advertising if you want the content to be seen by a larger audience. At some point in the near future, social media platforms may charge companies to use their platforms.

Public Relations - benefits, Goals of public relations

It is important to remember that social media platforms are merely rented space. Think about it this way- it is better to own than to rent property. Diversify your social media assets so you are not putting all of your content into one network that may change at any moment due to algorithm changes, and always save a copy of your content in case the platform decides to remove your account or block your content. When you invest in better content marketing for social media, you are getting so much more than a good post. You are getting content that can be reused and disseminated in so many different ways.

The trick is to learn how to leverage one piece of content in different platforms beyond just using it as a simple post to get the most out of it. It is critical that small business owners begin to understand why they have to pay more for a similar level of social engagement as they received before. Similarly, it is also important to understand the bind that agencies are in when business owners decide not to increase budgets for social media marketing services. If a social media agency carries on without a proper budget for boosting posts and producing the required creative, a limited number of people will be viewing the content, and the ROI may be limited.

If you are planning on hiring a social media marketing agency in , equip them with the proper resources to create the necessary content for your business to compete in a saturated digital ecosystem. This will benefit your business and you will see stronger results, better creative and a more substantial long-term ROI.

When it comes to showcasing your business, you want to make sure you stand out from the clutter and have something that is Instagrammable. The new trend? Creating Instagrammable experiences on a micro level for small to mid-size businesses for branded activations. Figuring out how to make something more Instagrammable for social sharing is now built into the initial business or launch plan.

It is no longer an after thought. Leverage social media for corporate event ideas. If you have already chosen an event theme but need more ideas to bring the activation to life, search relevant hashtags on social media. If you are going with a unicorn theme, try searching under unicornparty and create a mood board of everything you find to pull inspiration from. Make it experiential. Think about how you can make the event more Instagrammable with user-generated content.

Turn the brand activation into an experience that people want to share on social media. Add visual elements to make the activation pop, such as a flower wall, a balloon wall or even a colored background. People crave shareable social experiences, so think about how you can create this for them. Create a custom hashtag. One way to capture photos is to create a custom hashtag that attendees can use on social media.

Be sure to make the hashtag visible with signage at the event. You can follow the hashtag on Instagram to keep up with all of the tagged images so people can view the images post-event. Think visually. Sometimes the greatest ideas come from visual elements that are trending in pop culture.

We promoted the drink floaties on social media before the event and during the event. Everyone wanted photos with the unicorn floaties and they were the hit of the event! Plus, people kept them after the event for pool parties, which was an added bonus! Think about how you can create a branded visual item that people will want to put on their own Instagram feed, and that they will want to keep long after the event has ended.

The best part of any PR event is always the swag bag. For example, if you are planning a corporate event, you can give guests custom branded cookies with your logo. Do not make the mistake of spending money on swag and branded activations and forgetting to photograph all of your hard work.

These branded assets can be leveraged for other marketing materials long-term if you capture them on camera. If you want to compete in a saturated Instagram market, you need a high volume of fresh content, which comes in the form of branded images. Sure, you can take some of these yourself on an iPhone, but if you want to make your feed stand out, you will need to heavily invest in a photographer quarterly for branded assets.

The photos can be distributed across all of your social media platforms. More marketing dollars are being deployed for traditional photographers than ever before. Photographers working alongside social media marketers can help your business by creating a professional agency appearance on your social platforms without paying agency fees. We were recently interviewed by Brand Yourself on why every doctor needs a personal brand.

Read the interview here to find out why content marketing is critical for medical practices, 5 ways doctors can use social media marketing to promote their practice and how doctors can leverage a healthcare public relations firm to increase exposure and attract new patients. It is not enough to create a website, place some directory listings and hope that people will magically find your medical practice.

If you want to establish trust with patients before they ever come in, building a personal brand is a great way to do that. There are numerous benefits for doctors to invest time and resources in building a personal brand. For starters, it leads to more qualified prospective patients before they come in. It creates a relationship with patients and opens up a 2-way dialogue well before they ever visit your office. It can also cut down on incoming call volume of potential patients asking the same questions over and over again—another perk of content marketing for doctors.

What are some successful social media marketing strategies for medical practices you would recommend? The best marketing strategy for a medical practice includes a heavy focus on content marketing. Although it takes a lot of time to sit down and write these articles, it is instrumentally helpful for building your medical practice. If you successfully implement a content marketing strategy for your medical practice, you are creating a resource library of educational content for prospective patients.

This content will give patients a real understanding of your deep knowledge base in a specific area. The bounce rates are also typically higher for medical practice websites that lack strong content.

Walker Sands

Investing time and resources in targeted landing pages on service offerings, optimizing your site and investing time in content marketing would be the first place to start if you are serious about marketing your medical practice. Why should a doctor hire a NY public relations firm for their medical practice? What is the benefit?

Public Relations builds trust- and when deciding what physician to see, trust is one of the top factors. Subconsciously, this makes them feel more comfortable with you and builds trust. However, even if you have top tier media mentions but poor Google Reviews, there will still be inherent trust issues that a long-term reputation management strategy would be more likely to remedy.

Haro is a great resource for doctors to build media mentions. However, responding to haro queries is not a comprehensive public relations campaign for your medical practice. If you are looking to build referrals with other physicians, conferences and events may be a more suitable approach to achieve that goal. It is important to note that there is an art to pitching and crafting good responses for HARO.

Some doctors may be more likely to craft responses back to these queries in medical jargon, which is not necessarily what a reporter is looking for if they are writing a consumer piece. Having a Public Relations consultant who specializes in the medical field would be ideal. If you are just starting your practice, then Haro is one of many great tools to keep in your arsenal. Patient needs have infinitely changed. Unfortunately, they expect a steady flow of information coming from your practice. If they look up a medical practice that has no content or strong referring backlinks to their site, this is troublesome.

Or perhaps a Facebook page for the practice that has never once been updated. All of these are red flags to the social media savvy millennial consumer today when searching for a doctor. What are some benefits of social media marketing for medical practices? Will it drive new patients?

Social media marketing is great for maintaining a steady flow of communication with your current patient base. For example, many of the medical practice Facebook pages we manage receive consistent comments, likes and shares from their current patients. As a doctor, you may think, why am I paying a social media marketing agency to market to my existing patient base if I already have them as patients?

The reason is because every time they are sharing or engaging with your content, it is being promoted to their entire friend list which could be in the thousands. These are all potential new patients for you, many who are located in your geographic area. They can get their question answered directly from Facebook or Instagram through a comment thread or Direct Message.

For many millennials, myself included, that would be reason in itself to choose a doctor someone who communicates with you the way you like to be communicated with! What are two ways doctors can use content marketing to promote their mediacal practice and attract new patients? If you have invested time and resources in a great piece of educational content, make sure it is optimized with relevant keywords.

Next, promote it in the right channels. A great way to do this is through targeted Facebook ads. So, if you are a dermatologist in NYC and write a piece on the top 10 ways to achieve greater skincare, target the post to people in your demo by hobbies, age, location, interests. You may also consider retargeting as an additional component. People love to see their Doctor on TV.

Medical Practice Public Relations is the practice of keeping a doctor in the news. Whether it is commenting on current trending health items ex. The opiod crisis or getting quoted in trade publications, medical PR keeps your practice visible. Another added benefit- perhaps the most overlooked benefit of medical practice public relations is the link juice you receive from high-quality media outlets every time you are quoted. All of these backlinks help build your authority over time with Google. So really, you can either hire a top PR firm, or an SEO firm- or both- but there is no avoiding that the work needs to be done for a medical practice to stay visible.

How can a doctor leverage social media marketing to build their personal brand? Social media marketing is ideal for personal brand building for doctors- it gives you a platform to share your press mentions with others in your industry, which can indirectly lead to other speaking opportunities at medical conferences or more social media.

What do I need to know before hiring a New York public relations firm to promote my medical practice? The number one thing you need to understand is the amount of time it takes to work with a healthcare public relations firm. If you enjoy having a very scheduled day with no interruptions, a healthcare public relations firm may not be the best approach.

Doctors who get the most out of working with a medical PR firm answer the media immediately when they call. You also need to know that everything is a balancing act between the PR firm and the media outlet. Even if you spend two hours answering a press request and craft a one-page response, only 2 sentences may be used in the article. You have to be comfortable with the inherent lack of control that comes with working with a medical Public Relations firm and the media. Things often change very quickly and you need to be able to adapt to that.

Also, think about what kind of media is preferable for you. Does a doctor really need a NY Public Relations firm to promote their medical practice? Yes, unless you are a super savvy social media influencer who has already amassed thousands of followers on your own, you should consider working with a medical Public Relations firm. They are focused on their medical practice and seeing patients.

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Sure, anyone could technically do PR successfully on their own if they put in the time, but from my experience, doctors have very limited time and this is not top of their list. They want to focus on practicing medicine, not on the business of medicine. The list is pretty long…medical practice marketing and PR could be a full-time job! Why does a medical practice need to be visible if they have nothing newsworthy to promote in the media? Doctors need practice marketing the same way they need to drink water, sleep or eat. It is a critical component of the way that people communicate today.

You are either in the conversation or you are completely left out of it. It is better to have a hand in mitigating risk and managing the conversation than to let angry patients trash your reputation online or make false speculations. Those are the patient stories people want to hear. But expecting this to be a big media blitz to start or stop is not at all what healthcare marketing is all about. To reap the benefits of medical practice marketing, you need to make a long-term commitment to stick with it and understand why you are doing it.

It is because it is what the new patient of today demands of your practice. The medical practices that choose to ignore this truth will lose out to the practices that are embracing this and will, unfortunately, become obsolete. Look at any social media savvy practice owner and ask them how they have built their medical practice. The majority have done very little traditional advertising and gotten most of their referrals through patients online via social media marketing and personal branding efforts.

What are some social media marketing mistakes doctors make when promoting their medical practices? The biggest social media mistake doctors make is that they ask their office manager to run social media marketing for the medical practice. Another mistake is not consulting with legal counsel before launching a social media marketing campaign for your medical practice. Someone who is an office admin, or even a social media specialist, may not know the legal intricacies.

Social Media Marketing is great for building your medical practice, but it also infinitely opens you up to legal risks if not handled properly. It is critical to invest in the right resources. Social media moves so quickly- there needs to be a plan in place for responses on behalf of the medical practice. Another obvious mistake is being overly self-promotional or still using social media like it is a traditional ad. Think about what area of expertise you want to specialize in as a medical expert.

As the leading spinal surgeon? Before I start any healthcare public relations campaign, I always do a deep dive discovery session with a doctor. You need to have a personal branding strategy before you can have a larger strategy for the medical practice. If you were booked as a medical expert, what would the lower third refer to you as on screen?

Ruby Media Group has executed dozens of successful public relations campaigns for doctors. Interested in increasing media exposure for your medical practice? Click here to see case studies of media coverage and press placements we have generated for our medical PR clients. Save Save. Securing press coverage for your business is a continual process. Pitching the media can take months before a journalist is interested in picking up your story. Business owners are often caught off guard when the media replies to a pitch they sent out and is finally interested in writing about them.

As a seasoned Public Relations specialist for over a decade, I have seen Executives sabotage themselves when they try to pitch the media. They routinely make the same mistakes which hurt their media relations efforts and can kill a story. But luckily for you, you can learn from their mistakes and from my industry knowledge to get more traction for your PR campaign. This is an absolute must if you are pitching a personal branding angle to a journalist or if you are trying to secure a column in a trade publication as a contributor. You also need to have branded lifestyle photography for feature articles or human interest stories.

Finding television friendly attire that looks good on camera can be time-consuming.

PERSONAL PR: Public Relations and Marketing Tips That Work to Your Advantage

For men, this can be as simple as a nice suit. For women, bright-colored dresses with short sleeves or three-quarter sleeves work well. To avoid any on-camera surprises, make sure you have tried on the dress sitting down to see how long it will appear on screen.

If not, start working on this now. You should have a few different variations of your bio: one for trade publications, one for consumer pitching and a different version for bylines. They pitch the media and do not include an email address or a cell phone number to reach them on their website. Make your contact information visible in the footer of your site to increase your chances of visibility. If you are going to provide a phone number, make sure it is a direct line, and not a spammy number.

This makes their lives significantly easier so they can review these pertinent details working on the story. It may also spark new story angles they may not have thought of. Think about the search terms you want to rank for when considering what to name each file. You sitting alone in a dark room discussing the story is not a complete segment. The media may want to speak with someone who was impacted by the epidemic, a professor on the epidemic and also have you provide your medical expertise on the story.

They are also going to want b-roll footage as part of the package. Make sure you have all of this lined up before you pitch the media. There is nothing more frustrating to a journalist than emailing a source numerous times and waiting to get the story assets they need, especially because of something like an expired Dropbox link. If they call you for a quote about a story and you have no idea what they are talking about, they will seriously question your credibility. I set up Google alerts for my industry so that I am always well-versed to comment on breaking news.

You can search on Twitter under the PRFail hashtag to see what journalists hate. If you give them a one-liner, they are less likely to quote you. It is better to give more substantial content to a journalist that they can pull quotes from then to give less. Give journalists what they want, how they want it, when they want it and in the preferred format they want it in. Kris Ruby has over 12 years of experience pitching the media. As a seasoned public relations specialist, Kris Ruby has secured thousands of media impressions and press placements for clients in national publications.

Ruby Media Group helps companies increase their exposure through leveraging social media and digital PR. RMG conducts a thorough deep dive into an organizations brand identity, and then creates a digital footprint and comprehensive strategy to execute against. Specialties include content creation, strategic planning, social media management, and digital public relations.

RMG helps clients shine in the digital space by extracting their strengths, developing story ideas, and crafting compelling news angles to ensure journalists go to their clients first as story sources and thought leaders. Ruby Media Group creates strategic, creative, measurable targeted campaigns to achieve your organizations strategic business growth objectives.

Social Media Marketing is a critical component of your job search. Social Media can either help your job search or hurt it. Taking the time to develop a personal brand and clean up your social media profiles can pay dividends in landing the perfect job. Below please find our top social media marketing tips for Job Seekers to keep in mind. Your future boss may love you, but if they see a political post that goes against their political beliefs, it, unfortunately, could sway their opinion on your candidacy for the role.

Call it unfair or even illegal, unfortunately, social media does come into play during the hiring process. You want social media to showcase the best possible version of you and to support what you are saying in your resume. Social media should add to your overall interview package- not take away from it. Use this prime real estate to your advantage. Create a profile for the job you want to get so that your brand matches up on every network to coincide with your resume.

There should be no discrepancy between what you are saying you are passionate about vs. Forgetting that Instagram Stories can be screenshotted — Even if your social media profiles are on lockdown, companies can be wise with having other millennial employees follow you and view your stories. Keep this in mind when searching for a job and be more cautious with what you put up in your Instagram story. The job candidates who stick out are the ones who use social media to their advantage by developing a personal brand.

Identify your most unique attributes and choose a niche area that you want to be an expert in to stand out from the competition. You should invest in a nice high-resolution headshot that can be used on all of your social media profiles. Do not use any old iPhone selfie shot— make sure it is professional!

Your potential colleagues will also be scoping you out on Instagram or Facebook! Do you love animals? What makes you tick? Your social media profiles should reflect that. For example, if you love animals and spend time volunteering on the weekends, this could help you in the interview process if the company you want to work for is very into animal rights and works with a rescue group. Make sure you are active on LinkedIn to increase visibility and get found. The truth is, people hire and work with people they like. If your social media appears like a series of ads, no one is going to be that interested in working with someone who is just selling to them.

Every 5th post can be something personal which shows a different side of you with hobbies, interests or family. Making sure your social media profiles are well branded is only half the battle. Social Media can also cost you your job if you misuse it after landing your dream job. You have invested a great deal of your marketing budget and valuable time in social media marketing, but you may not be getting the return on investment ROI you hoped for. When trying to assess what works, be sure not to skip over the basics.

Review the following key areas every quarter. Not paying attention to some of these very simple rules could be the reason why your campaigns are tanking every month. Remember to invest in a social media marketing strategy up front, before engaging in social media, to avoid making critical mistakes. Are they teens, young millennials or baby boomers? Mostly men or women? The content that you put up on social media should be of interest to your customers, but you need to know who they are first.

You never look at analytics: What content is performing the best with your target audience? Do they like images, video or long form content best? Out of the content you created, what generated the highest share count? If your followers love to engage with pictures, but do not seem interested in back-and-forth discussion, Instagram may be a better choice. Measure the shareability then tweak accordingly. Also, be sure to dig deeper than basic Facebook insights.

Review how much traffic is being driven from social media back to your website, and look at the sources that are driving inbound leads to your site. You spread yourself too thin: Are you spending hours filtering photos for Instagram and seeing little to no results? Your target clientele may not be active users on Instagram. According to studies, the average American spends roughly 40 minutes per day on Facebook. This may be a ripe opportunity that you have completely looked past if you are more focused on Instagram or Snapchat. You need to find out where your customers are and then focus on the social media networks that perform best with your prospects.

For example, your target clientele might want six-second Snapchat videos verses long YouTube videos. You create boring content: Is your content even shareable? For example, you want your customers to know what a great staff you have and you are posting office photos daily. While customers care about customer service, if they are not sharing or commenting on these photos, stop posting them. Instead, try focusing on the benefits of your products and services and provide tips or articles that help your customers live better lives.

Stop wasting time creating content that your customers are not engaging with. Customers build relationships with companies through social media, so you need to take time and respond to them. If they do not see that you are responding, they will leave you behind in the social media dust. But really, the number one reason why your social media campaign bombed? Because you are inconsistent. Social media is a daily practice. You have to post consistently to build an audience and get results.

Monika Dixon Shares PR Tips

Lack of consistency is the number one reasons most social media campaigns do not take off. Occasionally, small businesses with mediocre content will perform far better than large-scale agency campaigns simply because they post daily and put themselves out there. Half the battle is consistently using the technology and engaging with your audience. Devoting time daily to your presence on social media is a must in order to grow your followers and succeed.

Without it, you will perpetually be in a failure-to-launch phase. How is Instagram Stories similar to Snapchat? Which social media platform is better for a medical practice? You can also add in location, tag other accounts and even draw on your photos. Regarding which is better for medical practices, that depends on where you have already built a patient base. For example, if you already have 1, active followers on your business account on Instagram, then it makes more sense to leverage Instagram stories for greater visibility.

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However, if you have 5, people following you on Snapchat, then more people will see your live Snaps then on Instagram stories. Use the live streaming features of the platform you already have an established following on. How can doctors make the most of these new social media changes to grow their Instagram followers?

The New Age of PR: Get Your Brand Noticed

Physicians can make the most of these changes by integrating live streaming into their daily business practices. It is no longer enough to just post aesthetically pleasing photos on Instagram or Snapchat. If you are skipping out on live streaming, you are missing out on the entire social media experience of what fans are expecting to see from your account if they follow you.

Furthermore, as more of these networks experiment with new features, there is a tremendous opportunity to be one of the first to start using them before everyone else figures out how to. This means more eyeballs on your medical practice services- for a cosmetic surgeon or someone in aesthetics, this can be substantial. What are some other ways medical practices can increase their Instagram followers and engagement?

This will help to establish a solid Instagram brand aesthetic , which is important to their potential followers. If someone is thinking about following a doctor on Instagram, the first thing they will do is look at their last 9 photos. If they look disjointed and unbranded, someone is unlikely to follow the medical practice. The next way medical practices can increase their Instagram following is through leveraging influencers. Benefits of public relations The advantages of PR include: Influence — audiences are more likely to trust messages coming from an objective source rather than paid-for advertising messages.

It is one of the most credible forms of promotion and can be persuasive. Reach — a good story can be picked up by several news outlets, exposing your message to a large audience. Cost-effectiveness — PR can be an economical way to reach a large audience in comparison to paid for advertising media placement, particularly if it is done in-house. No guaranteed results — you may spend time and money on writing a press release, getting suitable photography and speaking with journalists, but you can never guarantee your story will be published. This can result in a poor return-on-investment.

Evaluation — it can be difficult to measure the effectiveness of PR activities. Printer-friendly version Send by email.