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The following is an alphabetically ordered list of Elves that are named in Tolkien's works. It excludes the Half-elven such as Elrond and Arwen. Elvish names have meanings in the Elvish languages devised by Tolkien, e. Quenya , Noldorin , Goldogrin , Sindarin. Tolkien decided late in his life that Elves of the Second Clan who lived in Eldamar bore several names:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Middle-earth portal. This literature-related list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. Main article: Arwen. Main article: Elrond. Gildor Inglorion. Legolas Greenleaf of Gondolin. To the contrary, the shoe had been put on the other foot after Aethis's reign. In addition, arms and armor was to be provided for as much by the individual as the nation. Taking a page out of Caradryel's book he then appointed a military-minded man, named Mentheus who was Caledorian, to be supreme commander of the Asur armies.

The nation, formerly the single center of wealth in the world against which Dwarfs and Tomb Kings amounted to pennies, was rendered as broke as a Bretonnian meth addict building a new fleet. Meanwhile, he continued his counter intelligence against the Cult of Pleasure which was recruiting nobility used to lives of excess under Aethis who were easy to recruit into spywork and summoning Daemonettes to wreak havoc in cities. So many execution orders for heretics came to his desk he began to lose his shit on a regular basis, crying whenever he wasn't crawling on hands and knees trying his best not to an hero.

He stayed good at his job though, and unlike his predecessor was an excellent judge of character, promoting individuals who knew their shit and finding ways to relieve those unfit or too old to continue to work excellently without pissing them off and turning them to the enemy. Fortresses outside Ulthuan were established, and High Elves began policing the world for Chaos and Dark Elves High Elves confirmed for Americans in the best way, ironic since Dark Elves live in the geographical equivalent of North America. Mentheus, top general and most trusted adviser also became the only one keeping Morvael going.

Finally it came time for pushing the Dark Elves back off Ulthuan again. Mentheus laid siege to Anlec and personally lead each charge from the back of his dragon companion Nightfang. In the final day of the assault, Mentheus was killed and Nightfang flipped the fuck out, slaughtering the residents of the city and turning it to gravel again. As soon as word reached Morvael that his only remaining friend was dead, he walked into the sacrificing fire still called that even though they don't use it that way anymore a second time and for two days burned silently until on the third day at noon his ashes were blown by a magic wind into the inner sea of Ulthuan.

So even though he may have been a bigger wuss than even Aethis, Morvael managed to get shit done and as long as shit gets done, you're golden. So now the High Elf Princes and Princesses were divided on what to look for in a king. Some pointed to the need for a warrior, since the last two peaceful civilian kings were pansies.

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Some said they needed a peacemaker because warrior kings also have the tendency to fuck up royally, and this was the worst time to gamble on fate. Eventually they compromised and elected Bel-Hathor, from Saphery. They did this because he was an eccentric dude who tended to, rather than argue, point out all valid points then quickly leave.

Everyone figured they could manipulate him to their side. They thought wrong. All the douchebaggery from the powdered-wig elves that was encouraged in the time of Aethis was put a stop to right off the bat. The hawk nobles who wanted to go back to the era of Tethlis and pushed for an invasion of Naggaroth with the High Elf forces didn't get their way. The dove High Elves who wanted to go back to the era of Aethis and use the High Elf navy to get silk sheets from Cathay didn't get their way either.

Instead, Bel-Hathor focused on getting shit done the same way the other Bel king, Bel-Korhadris, had. Suddenly mankind wasn't just some new insect in the jungles somewhere, they were patrolling the seas and dealing with Elves on a regular basis in some colonies. The Warriors of Chaos population had boomed, and were now raiding all the nations of the world. Bel-Hathor had the mages of Hoeth set up a series of magical defenses for the east coast of Ulthuan that move around rocks and islands capable of sinking ships like nothing as well as mists that make you unable to see anything outside your boat and few things within it.

Eventually humans from the Empire and Bretonnia managed to reach the coasts of Eataine during the beginning of the Age of Exploration which apparently happens in the middle of the middle ages in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. Bel-Hathor banned all non-Elves along with the Druchii obviously from setting foot on Ulthuan under threat of death, but some elves became fascinated about the new civilizations of the humans.

In particular, an Eataineian named Finubar set sail with the humans when they departed see Finubar's entry for details of his journey. Upon returning, Finubar told the court of Bel-Hathor about the wonders he'd seen and the changes in the world and they listened like an audience seeing Star Wars for the first time. Finubar suggested allowing humans into Ulthuan, but with limits to keep them in check. Bel-Hathor agreed and Finubar's hometown of Lothern was shaped to a state that made it impossible to travel inland except by boat, which is one of the hardest things one could attempt if the High Elves don't want you to thanks to multiple giant gates manned by the most disciplined elves and best made Bolt Throwers imaginable.

Lothern went from a large fishing city to perhaps the greatest city in the world within a century. Bel-Hathor died of old age without any major shit going down in his time, and was hailed as one of the greatest Phoenix Kings. Finubar is the present Phoenix King in the Warhammer Fantasy universe.

He was featured in the damnably non-canon Warhammer Online MMO game, and as a result we finally have pics of what he looks like. Not that he's going to be getting a mini anytime soon however. During Bel-Hathor's reign humans first landed on Ulthuan, and after being held in lockup at the border security office they were told to GTFO and never return at Bolt Throwerpoint. Some Elves of the nobility were interested in the stretched Dwarfs with the blobby ears and wanted to come with, Finubar among them.

Finubar began his journey in L'Anguille of Bretonnia and observed how the Mon'keigh there had based their entire culture on the ruins of abandoned High Elf colonies Bretonnian Knights are confirmed as Silver Helm fanboys which they had hid from Orcs and Daemons in when they were still learning the art of the club.

While Elves had all "known" that Humans were incapable of anything other than mud and dung buildings and worshiping Daemons, the reality that the Humans were at the same point more or less that the High Elves had been at during their Golden Age before the first Daemon ordeal. Finubar began making friends with any Human who would speak to him and giving them gifts to ensure that Humans and High Elves would be allies in the future.

He ventured into Athel Loren and saw what became of the colonists who refused to return in the years of Caradryel, and how they'd become a race so vastly different from the High Elves, and although Finubar tried to befriend them the wood elves treated the High Elves the same as they did humans; that being "non-Wood Elf, and thus not as smart as us".

Finubar was the first Elf since the days of Caledor to set foot in Dwarf Fortresses, where he did his absolute best to try and befriend them again even going as far as trying Bugman's Light, a feat few Dwarfs have even ever achieved. Finubar returned to Ulthuan many years later a celebrity and brought thing such as Bretonnian tapestries and Empire bibles and Wood Elf charms and Dwarf ale back for the populous to be amazed at.

After Bel-Hathor died, the Princes and Princesses of Ulthuan were left knowing that this was the beginning of a whole new age for their race, and they picked the one elf responsible for setting it all in motion so it's either his legacy or all his fault. It didn't hurt Bel-Hathor had expressed desire for Finubar to be his heir though. Finubar seems to have learned from all his predecessors, getting shit done while not making stupid choices. While Finubar isn't some untrained poet to the contrary, he's a badass in the battles he's been in he's still more than willing to let other, more badass individuals get shit done.

Finubar stays away from the powdered wig elves who play politics over minor things, and instead leaves his seat to young Princes and Princesses he sees promise in of course while watching them and minimizing any fuckups they might cause , all to train the next generation as a whole to rule with authority and wisdom. He travels the world still, setting up diplomatic meetings with the humans and Dwarfs of the world.

These two things together caused the Princes of Ulthuan to begin to revolt to depose him early in his reign while he was away having drinks with Thorgrim, and it took the Everqueen to walk into the headquarters of the soon to be rebellion, glare at the assembled nobles, slowly shake her head and crack her knuckles, then walk out to end it.

While most Phoenix Kings deal with one major war in their reign, some none at all, Finubar has to deal with a giant world ending battle every month it seems. Initially there was small skirmishes in which Finubar sent individual High Elf Princes and Commanders to save the good aligned races of the world and to erect more Waystones. But soon came the Great Chaos incursion which marks the beginning of the modern era for every civilization in the game where the races of man, Wood Elf, and Dwarf were about to be wiped out by Chaos as well as Orcs; and the High Elves were under attack by the Dark Elves in the single biggest war between the two since the first one that marked the split between their races.

Every kingdom suffered greatly, especially Avelorn, and the Everqueen was thought dead. Two of the greatest elves to ever live, the twins Tyrion and Teclis, saved her and won the Battle of Finuval Plain. Rather than become complacent, Finubar announced the High Elves must stay on the alert and the worst was yet to come. The heroes of Ulthuan all became personal friends of Finubar if they weren't before, each left to their own devices to see to the world as they saw fit while still being able to contact one another and send for aid if needed. Teclis, with the great approval of Finubar, went to save the Old World and teach humans disciplined magic where before that was only druidic mysticism gleaned from the Wood Elves.

The kingdom of Caledor, which had become complacent and too prideful to participate in any battle that wasn't against the end of the world, suddenly sent word to Finubar that everything from Dragons to Dragon Princes was at his disposal against whatever foe he could find for them. Skaven began to assault Ulthuan for the first time each time being beaten to the last rat.

Yvresse was assaulted and razed to the city itself by Orcs, with the High Elves barely beating them back and causing the elves of Yvresse to become distant and unwilling to help the rest of their race unless it benefited their kingdom. Morathi once again tried to unmake the rift in the center of Ulthuan with a scheme that involved a mind controlled Ellyrian Reaver who was abandoned after a raid against Naggaroth, and resulted in the Everqueen almost being killed, Lothern almost falling, the Phoenix Gate being destroyed for the hundredth or so time, and finally the deaths of the best friends of Tyrion and Finubar respectively as the named redshirts needed to give the battles drama on the plus side, Morathi was driven a bit less focused and a lot more insane, another of Slaanesh's champions was killed in a fuckawesome way by Alarielle, and Malekith's dragon was crippled for life as well as him losing his magic shield in the shallows of Ulthuan's coastline.

The current development in the Warhammer Fantasy plot involves the kidnapping of Finubar and Alarielle's daughter Aliathra by vampires, upon whom the future of the Everqueen line as well as the High Elves friendship with Dwarfs hinges. Finubar has gone and locked himself in his room for some reason and it's revealed that Tyrion fathered Aliathra with the Everqueen during their first year, making Finubar a cuckold as well. As of End Times: Khaine, Finubar is dead. Teclis betrayed him by allowing Malekith or a projection of Malekith into Finubar's tower, where one of 3 things happen: 1.

Malekith kills Finubar himself; 2. Malekith releases a Bloodthirster into the room that kills Finubar; 3. Finubar commits suicide out of shame having realised that the current line of Phoenix Kings had cheated and stolen the throne from the rightful heir, Malekith. In any case, he dies horribly. Now that you know the history of the High Elves, you need to get your army and start playing! Fluff paint jobs and armies tend to come from the ten Kingdoms and use their colors and troop choices.

Although the regions are called "Kingdoms" and the leaders "Princes and Princesses", in truth Ulthuan is a democracy where the nobility appoint the princes who function as mayors and governors, and the princes elect the king. Oftentimes the same family will hold a position through the years, but the low population of Elves and rebellious youths trying to re-enact Romeo and Juliet but without the tragic ending usually ensure that it isn't hard to get into the family. The kingdoms are divided into the five outer ones that border the ocean, and the five inner ones that border the inner sea with a large mountain ring that has very few passes separating the inner and outer Kingdoms.

The Annulii mountains, as they're called, are a magnet for the worlds magical energy, and as such chaos mutations are not uncommon among the wildlife. Even non-Chaos beasties get buffed magically to Tarrasque levels and come down south for elf snacks, requiring the forces of the High Elves particularly Silver Helms, White Lions, and nobility who want to make a name for themselves as heroes to keep such things at bay. No living thing has ever been to the top of ANY of Ulthuan's mountains, and supposedly a realm apart from either the Warp OR the material world has it's entrance there High Elves believe it's the domain of the gods, but who the fuck knows.

Lothern Seaguard can be used as well since every kingdom has a coastline, even if having special marines as troops isn't what they're known for. Representing one kingdom in your army, or two that share a border or similar cultural values makes for a nifty looking army to show off to your friends. Alternatively, you can simply paint every High Elf mini you have in the colors that make the most sense to you all Reavers in Ellyrion colors, all Silver Helms in Tiranoc colors, all Spearmen in generic High Elf colors, all Shadow Warriors in Nagarythe colors, or even all of your minis from all troop choices to look like an Autumn or Winter gear style, etc.

The usual secondary paint jobs are for the five gates, the three fortresses in the world oceans that maintain safe passage for traders friendly to the High Elves, the shrines to the elven gods or mythological beings, and the remaining colonies. Although the days of rampant colonization are long past, Elves still do maintain holdings outside Ulthuan.

Primarily these are established to keep watch over enemies, or to maintain a vigil over the important sides and routes around the world.

Rarely, High Elves establish themselves in the cities of other races to promote relations or seek a mutual exchange to greater benefit. They may or may not don the local colors of whatever nation they are in, but they always maintain the colors of Ulthuan foremost.

Noteable is Marienburg and Altdorf, although with increased relations with Dwarfs a player could field an army in the colors of a Dwarf Fortress as well. In addition, several fortresses are named in the Heraldry book but given no description so they're a blank check for your paint job of choice. Found in the southern parts of the world, these holds are staging and resupply areas for merchant ships, friendly military forces, and also serve to limit how far naval forces hostile to the High Elves can travel.

Shrines are likely to be guarded by warrior priests, or surrounding areas with military strength will have troops that don their symbols and colors. Using Phoenix Guard modified to look like they belong to that particular shrine is useful, otherwise using whatever choices seem to fit the best LSG for Mathlann, spellcasters and Swordmasters for Lileath, etc.

A number of these shrines are, in no particular order:. These sites are named and given locations, but no description.

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It's a blank check for whatever you want your army to be. The sites of Ulthuan are too numerous to mention, just a glance at the updated map in the newest army book or heraldry book lists almost a hundred sites. Finubar: The current Phoenix King. Finubar is the modern day Caradryel, making all those silly "common sense" decisions that need to be made my, what a fantastic age we live in. He doesn't really stand out much compared to the Phoenix Kings of the past, only being present in battles when shit hits the fan and primarily just keeping the High Elves alive through the most fucked up age since Aenarion's.

However, there's no shortage of heroes in his era to make up for his behind the scenes work, even the Everqueen shows up on the battlefield every so often to put the fear of mortals into Chaos. Tyrion was a childhood friend of his, as was Eltharion and Imrik. The current Phoenix King doesn't get a model because Tyrion makes him kinda redundant since he's more on Korhil's level of power, and having the king as a hero choice ain't right.

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To use him on the tabletop, put one of the elves who comes with the Dragon kit on the legs of a Seamaster or else use a similar custom job that sets him drastically apart from everyone else hard to beat "biggest helmet" as a means of making him special. Stat him as a Seamaster, Tyrion, or a pimped out Prince. He used to have a griffon, then a dragon, but the canonicity of either is dubious at this stage. He knows shit about and from dragons who were the first created race and know shit even the Titans didn't since he's good at keeping secrets and knows their languages.

Like all Caledorians he's a pompous asshole among pompous assholes, but he's somewhat bro tier aside from that and had the common sense to realize that if Caledorians never get involved in battles, they'll have no battles to brag about and thus has begun sending them to do things they'd never even consider doing on their own like patrols and fighting raiding parties. Minaithnir is one of the highest ranking living dragons, and thus commands authority.

Dragons sleep for millennia and to wake them up you've got to sing dragon songs simply knowing them can incinerate you , all of which detail epic battles that happened or will happen, and singing them for days and weeks without moving for sleep or nourishment.


On top of that, the songs drain your body of its life so your soul kind of becomes a warm breeze flowing into their nostrils and earholes. You've gotta just keep singing and hoping that the dragons will hear you in their dream hivemind, AND give a fuck. The dragons have told Imrik that the final battle for the world is approaching, and that whoever wins there won't be any dragons left when it's over; Imrik is bound and determined to ensure the High Elves are worthy to fight alongside them.

Notable accomplishments include saving Bretonnia and acting like a douche about it and beating the shit out of Malekith while Minaithnir beat the shit out of Malekith's bitch tier dragon. Although Imrik has an expensive mini, he's really just a proxy with a model for whatever Prince on Dragon you choose to use him as. Nagarythe was despised because of its role in the Sundering and anyone else would keep their head down, but Alith Anar immediately went to the Phoenix Court and met Tethlis.

The Nagarithian nobles must have been thinking they elected someone with more balls than brains, but Tethlis and Alith Anar got on like a house on fire. Alith's entire family had stayed loyal to Ulthuan and were wiped out by Malekith's forces with Alith Anar as the only survivor.

Ever seen Saw? That's the kind of shit he did to every Dark Elf he found, racking up a body count of thousands in a few years personally. As soon as Ulthuan was reclaimed, Alith Anar led the Shadow Warriors straight to Naggaroth where they prowled city streets looking for pedo elves prowling the streets. The only Dark Elves they spared were the infants, who they took home to raise as Nagarythe.

It sounds fucked up, but Dark Elves started that practice. Think this sounds badass so far? How about this: Alith Anar has been doing this ever since and is still alive, and elves don't live that long. Nobody knows how he's doing it. Maybe he swore an oath to Khaine so he wouldn't die until Malekith is dead? Some Shadow Warriors believe he really is dead, and that he just sleeps in his tomb when he's not leading them wordlessly against Dark Elves Alith Anar is a vampire?

Who knows. But what we do know is that this one time, Alith Anar disguised himself as a Dark Elf, snuck into a fancy Dark Elf orgy where he danced with Morathi and probably fucked her , stole the Stone of Midnight, a wedding gift from Aenarion, as well as the offical "High Prince" crown of Nagaryth that Malekith took with him when he left so as to legitimize himself as the Shadow King of Nagarythe.

He spent time fucking with Morathi's best assassins and leading them in circles, and finally tricked them into drinking blood in which he'd mixed a very powerful poison. That shit was so badass that Lileath broke her father's biggest law and descended down from the peaks of the Annulii to personally give Alith Anar a bow she made herself and to smell his hair. Although Dark Elves like to talk a lot of shit, they won't even say Alith Anar's name out of fear he can hear them and will appear to buttfuck them and eat their souls these are the same elves who summon Daemonettes to do their hair in the morning.

There is only one way to field Alith Anar: like a boss. Use any model of him you like, they're all the same basically and they're all glorious. Sadly none of them look like that pic of him holding a severed head in the book. The end times reveals that he is the Same Alith Anar from before the sundering, making him as old as Malekith.

Korhil: Korhil is Geralt of Rivia, but a bro-tier guy with axes instead of an anti-social magic guy with a hyperactive sex life. He spends all day killing monsters with his friends and spends all night getting drunk with them. He's the head of the White Lions of Chrace as much as any one person is in charge anyway , and the personal bodyguard of the Phoenix King, who he gets along with very well and the Everqueen the latter service is usually left to her Maiden Guard, but the White Lions serve in both capacities.

Korhil fights anywhere he's needed, seeing him pop up anywhere in the world alongside one of the Order aligned armies isn't too surprising. He's so nice, he even helps the whole unit he's placed in cross forests; "remember kids, always look both ways before crossing a glade. Sometimes lion chariots have trouble seeing you. Overall, no matter what kind of High Elf army you're running you aren't really breaking theme to include Korhil.

Korhil has had several different models over the years, and all are pretty decent. If you're running a special army that would include a young Korhil, no special mini is needed, just equip a giant axe not both, one was awarded to him upon becoming head of the White Lions on any old elf that doesn't have a lion pelt and stat him as a White Lion, or a Swordmaster even.

Caradryan: When he was a teenager, there was no bigger asshole to be found anywhere. The perfect bully, he started rumors about men who had grown to old age that destroyed their hard lived lives.

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He seduced noble ladies, and waved around their panties like trophies in front of their parents. He was the ultimate fratboy dick. Like all noblemen of the elves he took his pilgrimage to the Shrine of Asuryan, and brought his friends along with him. To impress them, he thought it would be a good idea to sneak into the secret hidden chamber of the Shrine called the Chamber of Days where Asuryan's grand plan for the High Elves is cryptically laid out. When he came out, he walked right past them without giving them a single high five, stood before the captain of the Phoenix Guard of the time, swore an oath to Asuryan on the spot and hasn't said a word since.

Since then he's spent most of his time in that room, interpreting the words of Asuryan and realizing that not everything is set in stone rather that many things are self-fulfilling prophesies, some of which can be willingly changed by the Phoenix Guard captains. Some thought that he was preparing to go against the word of Asuryan and commit a grave heresy, until the day that the runic name of Asuryan appeared in fire on his forehead marking him as the closest mortal to his god emperor take that Gill-man!

One day his previous captain received a vision from Asuryan that Caradryan was to be his next mortal champion, and the Phoenix Blade was passed to him. Caradryan has lead the Phoenix Guard to the most battles they have ever seen in the current age. Whether this is because of the command of Asuryan, or him filling in the gaps of his god emperor's plans of his own volition is only known to him. Like all Phoenix Guard he knows the exact moment he will die and how and is thus unafraid of anything. What is known only to himself is that Asuryan has blessed him with words of power hich he will croak out with his death rattle, words that will change the world forever for the better of the Asur when the time is right.

Unfortunately this never comes to pass, as Asuryan dies before Caradyran in the end times. After this, He starts talking all he wants. He eventually becomes the incarnate of fire, and when he is killed his last word is "BURN! Which proceeds to do jack shit other than piss the daemon off. Otto Steinroth, the Red Pirate of Marienburg, destroyed the city of Sardenath and took captives as slaves to be sold to unmentionable forces take elf slave, wut do? Aislinn's forces arrived too late. Although Otto didn't know it as he sailed home, he was surrounded by the entire fleet of Lothern which Aislinn brought to ensure that humans knew what happens when you fuck with the High Elves.

As soon as Otto's ship was docked Aislinn invaded the city. The Mages of his fleet sent a deadly mist through the city that blinded the humans, and sent Bolt Thrower bolts into every ship in the harbor other than the pirate ship, destroying each of them. The Lothern Seaguard disembarked and slaughtered the defenders both confused city guard and pirate alike to the last, and Aislinn personally lead his guard to kill the pirates onboard their ship.

They then casually reclaimed all that was stolen, and called all of the High Elves back to the fleet before any looting could be done. As one last "fuck you" to mankind, Aislinn told his mages to cast Fiery Convocation on the harbor, destroying it to near completion. The remaining contents of the warehouses were found and the city rebuilt by ancestors of the current populace of Marionburg. He returned to the court of Lothern having single handedly pissed off every one of the other nobles of the court, cheerfully said good morning to everyone, then about-faced and went back to his ship to set sail for the Frozen Wastes to burn down some Warrior of Chaos villages.

By this point, he was the single least popular noble among the High Elves. Finubar however realized this guy reminded him a lot of another dude he knew, except without the giant sword and the queen draping off one shoulder, so he appointed Aislinn to the rank of Sea Lord, the admiral in command of the High Elf navy. Ten years later, he sent a captain named Ethelis the White to lead a small fleet to head off Norscans who had traveled to Marienburg to destroy it. The Marienburgers promptly forgot about that past bad business, and High Elf merchants returned to the city to trade with the Empire.

Sixty years later he was ambushed while on patrol by the Druchii named Lokhir Fellheart, who mortally wounded him and dumped him into the ocean to drown. Mathlann, the High Elf god of the seas, personally rescued him and healed his wounds leaving not even a scar, then sent him to wash up in his homeland of Eataine. A century and a half later Malekith personally invaded Lothern and wiped out the Lothern fleet. Aislinn himself defended his ship against no less than five Dark Elf boarding parties, sending their ships to the bottom of the sea when a giant Kraken swallowed his ship whole.

Once again, a year after the battle, he washed back up on shore with no injures and no memory of what had happened. Now believed to be the mortal champion of Mathlann, he leads the rebuilt fleet of the Asur against Druchii, sea monsters, vikings, and anyone else near the sea who pisses him off. Sea Lord Aislinn has no model, and no special rules. Princess Eldyra: So once upon a time, Dark Elves retook the Shadowlands for the thousandth fucking time and the powdered wig elves at Finubar's court thought the "defend the homeland" fund was better spent on snuff and petticoats.

The battle didn't go well, Druchii had bunkered down for the counterattack and most of the High Elf army failed their break test on turn 2 and ran except a guy called Eldyr, who was Tyrion's buddy. Eldyr and his men held firm and allowed everyone to regroup and Tyrion to climb his way out of a pile of Dark Elf corpses but Eldyr's chariot was smashed and DE Executioners cut him to pieces. Then Tyrion, having rallied the rest of the army gave it back to the dark elves twice as hard.

An assassin was about to kill Tyrion while he was once again buried in bodies but then Everqueen, who had been schlicking behind a tree, shot the coward with an arrow and disappeared again. Not long after, Eldyr's daughter Eldyra got her first pube and took up daddy's sword. She walked straight to Finubar's court and presented herself as her father's replacement.

Dragon's Blood

Finubar wasn't there, either busy with a pile of the Everqueen's used panties or Korhil. The nobility of the court told her she was a snot-nosed pizza-faced teenager who smelled like fish, and she ran from the court crying. Tyrion heard about the event and went to fix things. He swore to her she would be her father's equal, and lead her back to the assembled court that he hadn't been to in centuries where he introduced her as his squire.

Since nobody wanted to be impaled by Sunfang, they clapped politely. Years later, after she'd been taught everything of value Tyrion knows like cleaving through hordes of Druchii, motorboating the Everqueen just the way she likes it, and generally getting shit done put simply, Tyrion was raising the perfect lesbian she became a general ranked just under Tyrion himself. Around the same time, Prince Sigvald the champion of Slaanesh decided that since High Elves have prettier hair than him, they needed to be wiped out That's not a joke.

That is literally his motivation for the attack. Eldyra harrassed Sigvald at every turn, sniped his Chaos Warrior Champions, raided them, poisoned them, routed their horses and used magic to render every settlement in their path invisible. Sigvald wound up having to play Ork and tactically murder his subordinates to keep them from fighting each other, and in the middle of a duel between Sigveld and another chaos champion Eldyra attacked for real. Her armies made Sigvald's flee Sigvald himself killed his opponent.

Then he retreated because the spilled blood reminded him of a bad bottle of Bretonnian wine he had, so he decided to kill the people who made the brand; that's not a joke Since then she's made her lord Tyrion proud securing victory after victory over the lesser races. Also, as of the End Times, she is now a Vampire. Just let that sink in for a little bit. She could only be more awesome if she had tits and was on fire.

Wait a minute Eldyra is, simply put, another named option for a generic hero in your army. Slap some boobs on it, it's Eldyra. Best used as a Noble if she's still a squire, a Prince if she's proven herself, and in the current era she should be the General of your army. Hell, use her as a stand-in for Tyrion if you like. One day she is set to take over as Everqueen and preside over the commune in Avelorn while praying to Isha on behalf of the High Elf race and otherwise just inspiring women to forget that prior to Aenarion, they ruled the High Elf race and men took the backseat.

Her first major act in the fluff was to head the meet with the Dwarfs to speak of peace on behalf of her parents. They slaughtered everyone and carried her off, leading to the Elves and Dwarfs blaming each other and threatening war. Apparently Alarielle can sense if her daughter is alive or not which sort of makes sense, since Alarielle's soul will one day inhabit her daughter's body and told her past and present flings, Finubar and Tyrion, to save her daughter.

Finubar went to make peace with the Dwarfs possibly leading to a plot development in the Dwarfs book when it comes out while Tyrion gathered an army and went to kill the fuck out of things like he always does. It didn't work, and she was slain as a sacrifice to resurrect Nagash. However, due to her secretly being Tyrion's bastard child this also leaves Nagash afflicted by the Curse of Aenarion for a time. If you want to field the Everqueen in your army but want your list to be a bit more low profile and free for non-Avelorn options, taking a different mini and calling it Aliathra is a great alternative.

If you're lucky enough to have the old Everqueen mini that works fine, otherwise greenstuffing some small boobs onto something else works fine too. There's no canon appearance for Aliathra, so anything goes based on how you imagine her to look like. See High Elf Army List for more details on the forces given below. What is present on this page is a basic overview of the available elf forces.

See Warhammer Fantasy Elf Gods for a more detailed list. The High Elves have a large number of Gods and Goddesses, which are divided into two seperate pantheons, the Cadai gods representing their good sides and the Cytharai gods representing their dark sides. GW in the most recent versions have decided to apply a yin and yang motif to the Elf races, in accordance with them being in High Good , Dark Dark , and Wood Buddhist flavours. Generally the High Elves celebrate and honour the Cadai and attempt to please and appease the Cytharai.

High Elves believe in the concept of duality in all things. Their language is built so that every happy word is also sad, every angry word is also friendly, and so on. Makes learning the language a bitch, makes subtleties of speech a lifetime study, and makes it so anyone can misinterpret what you're saying entirely based on their mood. Although in the past they only had a queen, current elves can't accept the idea of a single leader; disagreements are almost encouraged and dissenting opinions welcomed.

This means that their political system is a non-fucked up version of the fucked up politics in the real world. Dark Elves usually disregard this aspect of elven culture Only the Druchii deal in absolutes! Wood Elves complicate it even further than High Elves, with there being a billion different fucking things to learn about every single word and all their aspects based on the time of day. Good morning on a Monday is a marriage proposal, good morning on Tuesday is a declaration of war, and they'll say it both days knowing full well just because they're crazy like that.

The way high elves keep Chaos from destroying the world is by taking the warp energy AKA magic that is attracted to Ulthuan and shooting it back into the warp. A world that has achieved magic homeostasis apparently can't manifest Daemons. They accomplish this via waystones, which are white monoliths with inset gems and elf writing of varying sizes from small mountains through to mantelpiece decoration.

These channel the winds of magic through specific points like bodies of water all the way through the world into the Annulii and further into the center of Ulthuan. Slann used their magic to help the elves from afar erect them in the first place, but the only one who knows that is Teclis and mages loyal to him since everyone else screams HERESY when he brings it up. Elves protect the waystones at all costs; they've gone to full scale war to prevent Wood Elves from carving their names into them, they've saved all of Bretonnia from Daemons just to protect one, they didn't tell the mon'keigh that of course , and they've established dealings with Tomb Kings in order to erect more in order for each to be less important.

But that doesn't mean people don't go full retard. Orcs see them as an insult to statues of Gork and Mork or Mork and Gork? Alright, this is the fun part. High Elves get some very nice special rules. Then, they also have "Valour of Ages" which means whenever they go against Dark Elves, they may reroll any failed psychology test, which is awesome. Many High Elf troops have the new rule "Martial Prowess" which allows models that have that rule to fight or shoot in one extra rank, which is cumulative with any other rule that lets them shoot in extra ranks long story short, fuck you we're better and we're gonna stab and or shoot you until you believe it.

Also, it used to be the case that you needed less core units and could take more rare and special units. This is no longer the case since the arrival of 8th edition, but errata from GWs website says you can have as many multiple units as you like other armies are now limited to two identical special or rare units in games of less than points.

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High Elf horses can get the "Ithilmar Barding" option, which increases armor like regular barding but doesn't affect movement speed. Finally, if you wanted Flame Attacks you've got them in spades.