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Sam Blumenfeld as Timothy. Kevin DeCoste as Malcolm. Mary Klug as Female Neighbor. Allyssa Maurice as Suzanne Weller. Danielle Heaton as Estelle. Rachael Hunt as Inez. Michael Zegen as Garcin. Rachel Hunt as Inez. Cheryl McMahon as Female Operator. Evelina Oboza as Deborah Burns. Bill Buell as Dr. Earl Stupe. Paul Marini as Santa Claus. Don Warnock as Doctor Y. Kirk Avery as Doctor Z. Don Hewitt as Employee. Floyd Richardson as Employee. Dave McDonough as Employee. Rick L'Heureux as Chase Employee. Nicholas Cairis as Chase Employee.

Robert Denton as Chase Employee. Paul Locke as Chase Employee. Danny DeMiller as Chase Employee. Jenna Lamia as Voice of Diane Carnes. Richard Kelly chats about The Box. Sep 24, Rating: 1. May 6, Rating: B Full Review…. May 7, Rating: 2. Mar 8, Full Review…. May 24, Full Review…. Nov 27, Full Review….

Aug 28, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Oct 08, Normally when a film has many bad reviews I get interested since the film is likely very good or very bad. Surprisingly, The Box is only an average film. It is not reminiscent of Donnie Darko since it is not at all stylized.

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The Box watches like a Twilight Zone episode made into a two hour movie. Lost then you will probably enjoy The Box. Robert B Super Reviewer. Oct 30, But the script is a convoluted mess. It teases out some fascinating mysteries, but they devolve into inexplicable nonsense. Still, Kelly is able to create an atmospheric mood and builds the suspense incredibly well. Yet ultimately, The Box is a poorly executed film that loses its sense of mystery by getting caught up in minutia. Dann M Super Reviewer.

Mar 09, The Box is not meant to scare you at all, but its meant to creep you out with its good atmosphere and fine performances from its three leads, but the plot could confuse you and it might bore you because of the lack of scares.

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I found it not great, but good, and the ending is tragic and very creepy. Angel G Super Reviewer. Jan 13, But then again, it isn't easy to imagine that Richard Kelly, whose breakthrough feature was the illusive and fascinating "Donnie Darko", is capable of making a mainstream movie for Hollywood. But if he ever did, this would be it. Now, I know that it isn't easy to enjoy or even appreciate a movie like this on first glance - heck, I didn't even like it upon my initial viewing - but I'm a strong believer that anything Richard Kelly directs is worth looking at least a second look, if not a third.

With all three of his movies so far, I've gone back and revisited their labyrinths of beauty and sometimes all-out frustration; and all but once, my desire for a greater understanding of the material has been met and satisfied. In my opinion, that's the magic of a Richard Kelly film; there is almost always intelligence, underneath the surface, even if the surface is rough and unconventional.

It is early morning, and the ring of a doorbell wakes the Lewis family - Norma Cameron Diaz , Arthur James Marsden , and son Walter -, revealing a box left on their doorstep by some anonymous person who takes off almost instantly in a black car. Norma takes the box inside, and for the rest of the morning, the family ponders it. However, they have lives to return to Norma is a High School teacher; Arthur works for NASA , so they put these thoughts on hold, at least, until they return home.

This is when the man who delivered the box stops by the house for a nice chat, in which he introduces himself - as Arlington Steward Frank Langella - and informs Norma of the purpose that the box intends to serve. During his visit, Mr. Steward explains that under the glass dome that sits at the top of the box is a little red button.

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To push the button would mean two things: somebody in the world, unbeknownst to the Lewis family, would die, and also, they would receive a payment of one million dollars. While the guilt of being responsible for the death of another troubles Norma; the family needs financial support, and Arthur doesn't seem to be currently capable of providing that and neither does she. So once Mr. Steward leaves and Arthur comes home; they make their final decision on what to do. Ultimately, Norma pushes the button; and promptly, Steward returns to supply them with their promised payment.

And it's assumed that this is the end, but in fact, it's just the beginning. The film successfully toys with our minds for quite some time; there's a cold-blooded murder committed nearby where the Lewis' live; which involved a husband, who was reported to be kindly and perfectly civilized, shooting his wife dead and frightening his young daughter, who the police later found locked in the household bathroom. There's the possibility that this could be the person that the Lewis' killed through their decision to push the button; but by the time the story has advanced more after this scene, it becomes clear that even more possibilities are, well, possible.

In the opinions of many, that might be confusing and infuriating; but to me, it's intriguing, and it demonstrates plenty of skill on Kelly's part. The film is at one moment absurd, and another kind of believable. Setting the story in the 's was quite possibly Kelly's best choice; since back then, you could still have door-to-door salesmen which Mr. Sure, there are still elements of the story - in the form of plot holes - that are difficult to accept or let alone fully comprehend, but this seems like a personal piece for Kelly, and it brings back memories of "Darko".

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