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Where did his gift come from and why could he do what he does? The Wrap Up: I love this author's writing style. She can create fantastical worlds with amazing characters and a wondrous story that will thrill and enchant the imagination. Even though this was a fictional tale, I could easily imagine this way of life back when indigenous people ruled the land with their enigmatical beliefs and rich mythology. And all that is due to this authors creative words.

Though I was left with too many questions and not enough resolve to the story, I still loved this read and all its beauty and charm! View all 6 comments. Enchanting, magical and mesmerizing! Songstone by Lena Goldfinch is the emotionally moving tale of a young girl, outcast and betrayed by the world around her. Left in the hands of a brutal healer who secretly practiced black magic, Kita was different than those around her, feared and looked down upon. Yet she held a secret gift, the ability to tell stories through song that would be woven into a stone to be re-told.

Her fondest dream is to be free, to find her own people, to fit in and find happ Enchanting, magical and mesmerizing! Her fondest dream is to be free, to find her own people, to fit in and find happiness. Will she ever be able to escape the clutches of her evil master? A messenger from another tribe arrives at her village, and there is a connection between them. His mission was to bring a storyteller back to his people, and Kita tries to win favor with her queen so she may go.

Will they escape together? Where will their journey take them? Lena Goldfinch has, once again, created her own brand of magic with Songstone. The world she has made is beautiful, yet mysterious. The pace of this character-driven tale is smooth, not over-powering, making the magic come alive. Kita is a strong personality, well-defined and filled with emotion. I highly recommend this and all of Ms.

A review copy was provided as part of the Songstone Blog Tour and Giveaway, in exchange for my honest review. View 1 comment. Jan 12, Shantelle added it Shelves: read-in , fantasy , romance , young-adult , reviewed. Another very well-written novel from Lena Goldfinch not surprising! I'm leaving it unrated. I read this book in one big gulp! Lena Goldfinch has such a way with words and weaves her story telling magic from beginning to end. I loved this story.

It was a beautiful fantasy story that reminded me very much of the magic Shannon Hale and Juliette Marillier create in there stories, using animals, nature, and the special gifts each of us are born with, to make a beautiful, believable fantasy world to escape in. I loved Kita and her struggle to fin I read this book in one big gulp! I loved Kita and her struggle to find her place and purpose.

She very much reminded me of Sorcha in Daughter of the Forest, even though the stories are very different. I loved her coming of age tale and her relationship with Pono. Can I just say that Pono is now one of my all time favorite leading men! He is the perfect character with all the strengths and weaknesses to make him believable and endearing. Well done Ms. It's a joy and pleasure to read books like this and feel like the world of reading is a better place because stories like this exist!

Thanks you! View 2 comments. Started as a 3. I wasn't sure what to expect upon starting it. Really, I went in pretty blindly as to what it would even be about. This is not a bad thing! It just means that I was quite surprised where the story ended up taking me. Goldfinch weaves you into her world so subtly that you're hooked in before you know it! But I should warn you that it's not a light and sweet journey at all. Instead, Started as a 3. Instead, it's gritty and hard and painful. This world doesn't pull any punches. On anybody. Kita has been ostracized all her life, thus she's quite cynical and bitter in the beginning.

Quite frankly, I had a hard time even liking her for the bigger portion of the book. She tends to anticipate that everyone will hate her automatically, so she tries to push them away first. Yet she's a contradiction, to the point that she doesn't even understand herself. And that's where I began to like her! She wanted so badly to have friends and family, yet she tried to deny that desire.

I had sympathy for her frustration and wanted her to realize she was worthy of all of that. Thus, I was compelled to make sure she was going to get her happy ending because I really wanted her to have one! That's when I knew that Ms. Goldfinch had done her job well. She had me caring for this character and her journey, when I hadn't thought I ever would. A sign of a great writer! The realities of this mysterious world make it so any happy endings are difficult and hard-won. And I have to admit that I couldn't always figure out why Pono liked her so well.

She certainly wasn't much good at giving him any encouragement. That's not to say there weren't a few sweet moments between Pono and Kita however! Goldfinch's writing is very unique. It took me several chapters to adjust to her descriptions of this world around Kita.

About "Ashen Bird" by songstone

All the comparisons bugged me a bit in the first chapter, but as I got more into the story, it smoothed out and I no longer even noticed it. So basically, what happened with this book is I started it thinking it was too dark for me and I wasn't really going to like it. But somewhere along the way I was swept up in spite of myself! And by the time I finished the last page, I was in awe of the journey Ms. Goldfinch had laid out behind me. It really has the feel of a legend that's been passed down through generations. Kita's story is challenging and hard, yet it has an inner beauty that can only be experienced by reading it yourself.

Kita is an amazing heroine, the kind you dream of reading about. I didn't know what to think about her at first. She seems stuck in an impossible situation, and the way she copes with it is by hardening herself against caring about anyone or anything. The gift she has of melding song into stone is exactly why I had to read her story - the idea of having an ability like this was mesmerizing to me.

I wanted to know how it works and how she uses it. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed at all. Kita lives a hard life as a social outcast. Found as a baby, she is brought to a village where she doesn't look like anyone else, and so the other villagers believe she belongs to a group of people who live up north - a group whom the villagers fear. Kita is raised by the family who found her until she's eight, when the village "medicine man" takes her to live with him as his slave, even physically harming her. Everyone is tricked by his magic into thinking he's a medicine man while Kita really knows he's practicing black magic.

The moment comes when she sees a way to leave the village when a journeyman named Pono arrives, and she grabs it. This story is beautifully and emotionally told. I couldn't imagine being someone's slave and not knowing who I really am or where I came from. I wanted Kita to have a normal life where she was free to come and go as she wants and no longer has to worry about whether or not her master is going to kill her.

Almost more than that, I wanted her "master" to suffer the consequences of his actions. Lena Goldfinch's skill in weaving a tale is tenfold - not only do you have the pleasure of reading a magical story, you also realize she has cleverly infused lessons about life and love underneath it all; for example, the fact that Kita is seen as an outsider because she looks different from everyone else even though she has lived among them since she was a baby. If you're looking for magic, romance, and adventure with a spunky heroine, this is the story for you.

This is the first book by Lena Goldfinch that I've read and will definitely not be the last! View all 4 comments. These and many other themes are carefully explored throughout this story, and each of them touched my heart in a profound way.

SongStone Ocarinas

This story is relevant to both young and old, and as a result, I highly recommend it those who are in need of some encouragement and hope. Viewing the world through the eyes of a girl who is an outsider in her village is something that hit too close to home for me. It was an eye-opening journey and yet a familiar one that made me uncomfortable. My heart went out to her with each struggle and battle that she had to overcome. I felt like I was walking with her on this adventure, and I longed for her world to turn around and brighten with each step she took. This story brought with it a fresh dose of loneliness, the horror of being misunderstood, and the desperate need to be seen and known.

The fragile strength and tender hope that grew in her heart with the help of others had me cheering her on. I was immediately and completely taken in by her beautiful heart. She kept her heart from hardening too much, so that when the time was right, she was able to transform from her worthless and ugly existence to one of true and honest belonging. She finally found her true home, and in the process found her heart. I was easily and completely swept up into this foreign and mysterious world written into existence by Lena Goldfinch. I loved her easy and effortless writing style that flowed so gracefully from the pages of this book and into my heart.

I recommend this book to anyone whose heart is weary with pain and desperate for hope. This is a story that will lighten your spirit and bring a smile to your lips. Kita was found when she was very young. She has red hair and green eyes. Obviously she is a Huwi which causes great resentment and fear among the tribe she lives in. Matiko Kita was found when she was very young. Matiko spends each day in his back room working up potions and spells to try to become all powerful.

The tribe does not see the cruelty of Matiko because he has cast a spell on them. Kita wishes for escape. When Pono helps Kita escape she vows to never return to Matiko or her tribe. With beautiful island landscapes and tribal villages along with magical birds, evil witch doctors and of course the romantic love between two young people.

Lena Goldfinch paints vivid pictures of not just the surroundings of Kita and her tribe, but also about the characters themselves. They come alive and the reader is able to feel their emotions. I found Songstone to be beautifully written even though Kita is treated cruelly which causes the story to be a bit dark. Songstone is one of those stories that just may haunt me for a while! View all 3 comments. This book reminded me so much of my aunt and uncle's missionary stories of the jungle in Papua New Guinea, which made me love the book even more for its somewhat realistic setting.

The description of the jungle and the natives' belief in magic rang true to the beliefs of the real tribal people. The main difference, however, is that the magic described in this book really exists for the characters. The threat of evil magic is not a legend or fairytale but a real-life issue that the main character This book reminded me so much of my aunt and uncle's missionary stories of the jungle in Papua New Guinea, which made me love the book even more for its somewhat realistic setting.

The threat of evil magic is not a legend or fairytale but a real-life issue that the main character, Kita, deals with daily. But she has a little magic of her own. I admire Kita for her change during the book. She is slowly able to overcome her self-image problems and anger because of her abused childhood. That is a hard thing to do. Although, Pono did have a good deal to do with this change. The ability to meld song into stone is really unique!

I had never heard of magic like that before. Being able to start a fire with a wave of your hand is not new, nor is leaving your body and flying or entrancing people. But melding song into stone is a new and intriguing concept for me. Lena Goldfinch's use of New Zealand's folklore was a lovely choice. And the storyline was exciting and surprising, I might add! I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I recently discovered Lena Goldfinch when perusing one of my favorite long-running blogs, The Enchanted Inkpot.

I've discovered so many great fantasy authors through this site and highly recommend visiting if you never have before. At the time, they were Kindle-exclusive, but now they're available across platforms at great prices She creates new life into the fantasy genre, and I look forward to seeing what other worlds she's sharing with her readers. She was discovered in the forest as an infant, filthy and alone. When she was taken in by a village family and cleaned up, it was discovered that the grime had been hiding pale white skin and fuzzy red hair.

Songstone Ocarina - Celtic Spirals - 4 holes

Kita greatly resembled a Huwi baby, an enemy. She's never embraced, and grows up feared by others in the village. When she was eight, Matiko, the village medicine man took her in. Unbeknownst to the villagers, he practices dark, evil magic. He steals blood from Kita every day of her life, and lately, more than one drop.

When a journeyman named Pono comes to the village looking for a storyteller to bring back to his village. Kita's been keeping an important secret from Matiko: her ability to meld song into stone and record history. She's desperate to escape Matiko's clutches and leave with Pono, but doing so means risking everything. How far will Kita go to escape from Matiko's clutches and live freely? The search for one's identity is a big one.

Kita has been kept in the dark about who she is her entire life, and everything changes when her questions are finally answered. Kita grew up thinking she was worthless, and must overcome the harsh words that have broken her in order to become a stronger woman. Her road to discovery is treacherous and painful, but also releases strength she never knew she possessed. The unique types of magic used here have traces of both the familiar and the new in them.

It brings witch doctors and island life to mind, flavored with traditional lore. In today's author interview , Goldfinch mentioned that she came up with the concept of melding song into stone with the advent of e-books and the war between digital and print media.

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It adds an extra layer of history to the piece, reminiscent of the days when there was no written language, only the tradition of oral storytellers and the way history used to be passed down. I'm not ready to leave this world and explore all the rich texture that makes everything so interesting and unique. But at the same time, I finished reading with satisfaction over the closure of it all, which can be hard to do these days.

I'm eager to see what else Goldfinch has to offer! The author generously gave me a copy of this book in exchange for a review. Songstone is a beautifully written story about an abused girl who has a special gift of being able to sing a song into stone. Kita grew up being the odd one out, with her white skin and green eyes, in a village full of darker people.

A little girl found her when she was a baby, and by the time she was 8, she was chosen to be the medicine man's servant girl. Finally after years of abuse, she see' The author generously gave me a copy of this book in exchange for a review. Finally after years of abuse, she see's a way of escape, and it comes with a boy named Pono. She would do anything to escape her life of torment, including risking her life for freedom.

The story is a gripping tale of self-worth, love and adventure. Being a white girl, she was an outsider with only her master seeing worth in her. I could really relate to Kita as an outsider, with all the loneliness that she endures. After being rescued, Kita and Pono set off to his village. Only a bird that Kita seemed to have a few run ins with seemed to get her attention. Instead of thinking about Pono and what he was obligated to do, she wanted to follow the bird, without really knowing where the bird would take them. She completely disregarded Pono when she decided she wanted to follow the bird.

So while Kita is a likeable character, she did get irritating at times and maybe even a little selfish. Pono was a sweet guy that was really hard to read at times. Pono would do anything for Kita, including risking his life and his job as a journeyman. That part did kind of make it a slower part of the novel, because of the lack of dialogue. We grew to know Kita fairly well, because we were in her head.

Other than that, I thought it was beautifully written and I thank the author for allowing me to read this in exchange for a review. Kita is a redheaded stepchild. No really - she's the only white girl in a small island village where everyone has xenophobia - afraid of those who are different from themselves. As she grows through her journey of trials and tribulations, she realizes that it may be Kita herself that is contributing to the problem. Ethereal flute music and singing sometimes reveals their presence.

Patupaiarehe, also referred to as Turehu, Ngati Hotu and Urukehu red heads , were said to live in large guarded communities. They tended to occur in certain localities, especially hilly or mountainous regions. To this day, it is a popular belief that where a fairer skin and reddish hair exists in full blooded Maori, they are inherited from a Patupaiarehe ancestor. A fair skin is known as Kiritea In the Auckland Museum there is a hank of beautiful wavy red hair, obtained from a rock shelter near Waitakerei.

That it belonged to pre-European days is proved by the root ends being plaited together and bound round with fine braid prepared from the same hair. Songstone was ultimately a beautiful description of a fictional island and a fictional ability granted to a fictional girl who just can't catch a break til the very end. Kita was trapped, held by magic to Matiko's side, the village medicine man and secret mad scientist. He abused her physically and emotionally, and got away with it because he could cast a spell over the entire village to forget they saw it.

Kita was forced to do his bidding or suffer physical damage to herself. This included esc Songstone was ultimately a beautiful description of a fictional island and a fictional ability granted to a fictional girl who just can't catch a break til the very end. This included escape; an invisible twine would wrap itself around her throat and cut off her breath. The way she managed to escape from him was kind of passive. She did nothing; it was Pono who did everything. Kita had a habit of wallowing in self-pity and doing nothing to alleviate the hate against her.

In her own village, I could understand it because Matiko held power there. But with the Huwi? Why not? It was predominantly Kaikanu who hated her, no one else seemed to show her any hostility, so why didn't she try to defend herself? This was the same with Pono's village, although she lucked out there and found more people willing to accept her. I found myself vehemently hoping that Kita would do something on her own without help, which I guess she kind of did with Matiko. But Pono stepped in soon after that. I do give her credit for going to the assembly though.

But Pono. Pono, I adored. He was the exact opposite of Kita. He was beaten down by his brother, and so he rose up to prove him wrong. He learned the skills he need to. He was never afraid of action; the only hesitation he had was when he felt that staying his hand would be the better option. The plot was a bit slow. There was a great deal of emphasis put on some portions of their travels than others. But this is counteracted by the beauty of the descriptions. It helps that the setting is just a naturally beautiful place, but the author's descriptions made it so much better.

I could vividly see the beaches and trees and huts and lizards in my head. I could picture the view from the top of the mountain. It was superb and brought a life to the novel that I loved. I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review. Firstly I would like to thank Lena Goldfinch, author of Songstone, for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this book. Kita is spec I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review.

Kita is special, she can meld song into stone, has green eyes and red hair and thus she is feared by the other tribal people. She was brought by a tribal girl from the forest when she was a baby thus she is an outcast in the tribe. Then we meet Pono who came from across the island to escort a storyteller to his village. Finally in Pono Kita finds her salvation and freedom.

Will Kita succeed in escaping? Will she discover her true identity? Will she be able to rid the tribe of the evil sorcerer and bring him down?

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Will the relationship between her and Pono get established? A lot of unanswered questions right? A great and intriguing read which I really liked and enjoyed. Kita is a perfect main character and she always remains hopeful and tries hard to get her goal even if there are many challenges to face.

I liked the fact that the author made her strong rather than weak and whimpering. Pono is great and supports Kita character very well. The struggle that Kita does really reached my heart and I felt sorry for her. The secrets were well kept and the slow and steady revelations made the story gripping. The writing style of the author is remarkable and she presented the whole story in such a way that it became real and believable and the readers got connected with the characters and the plot as well.

The characters are developed and fit well within the well thought out plot. All in all a great and must read for ya all. Enjoy, folks! I'd been hearing great things about her writing and I soon discovered why. The Language of Souls is a novella, so despite greatly enjoying it, I was wishing for a chance at seeing Lena's writing in a full length novel. I got my chance with Songstone, and I wasn't disappointed! Kita is a strong leading lady! Despite having to learn her place, or else suffering cruel punishment from her master, Matiko, she holds onto to her stu A couple of months ago, I purchased Lena's book, The Language of Souls.

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