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It is a literary event but it also has this fun, sexy element that people love and people who don't ordinarily go to readings can enjoy. A: I always think in terms of ramming two characters together and seeing what happens. I think what helped me with my novel A Four Sided Bed, and what my editor at Graywolf showed me, is that there had to be a spark of transformation for Alice, the wife character, what happens to her; I already had an understanding of what happened when J.

I like to have characters come up to each other and come to know each other in different ways.

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A: The standard: read, read and read! If you don't find yourself to be someone who loves to read, and to be excited by what you read, you might be barking up the wrong tree for a form of expression. You have to enjoy the process itself. Of course we know that the publishing life is very difficult; writing has to be satisfying in itself.

I would advise new writers to seek out workshops. You have to have other people looking at your work to move forward. When I was a theater major I remember a teacher saying, if there is something else you guys can do, do it. Writing can be very satisfying, if you are a serious reader, to explore it, give it a serious shot.


It is somewhat like a religion; it can give you tremendous spiritual satisfaction. A: Virginia Woolf, I was really struck by her in college; Them by Joyce Carol Oates when I was a teenager, I cannot imagine not having read her; Alice Munro; James Salter, who by coincidence wound up being the judge of the Iowa competition; Don Delillo; David Foster Wallace, who I think is very hilarious; Rick Moody; so many contemporary writers: Mary Gaitskill; Maria Flook; there are really sensual female writers, they are my favorite kind of writers.

A: I agree with something David Huddle said in his book The Writing Habit: in fact, I'm doing my seminar at Stonecoast this semester based on seventy-seven autobiographical questions he gives his students, that are designed to elicit concrete memories.

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Huddle says that they are writing from their false selves. You have to find a natural voice for yourself. Huddle suggests that when you help students start with the real material from their lives, that they care about it more. Often when people start writing they get stilted, or self-conscious. It is hard to find a way to tell a story in a voice that is natural to you. A: I don't resist it anymore.

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I did when I was younger, which I regret; I could have done so much better. I boiled the pages that I had for A Four Sided Bed down to , not cutting a single whole scene, just taking words out. It takes a long time to get a sense of how to edit yourself. Students who really balk at it and refuse to do revision won't reach a publishable level; the ones that are willing to give in, go over and over it again, that's what it takes.

That is regrettable, but no author has the right to whine. He invited publicity and he must take the publicity that comes along. A: I agree about not having the right to whine. Especially in this age, you are so lucky to be published. I think it is a privilege to have these problems. But at the same time I think that every review I've read takes a year off my life.

To have that helpless feeling of knowing that this is the way it is going to be presented to the world. But even the bad reviews I've gotten have had good things in them. It's a very emotional experience to have people react to your work in print. Of course it can hurt, but sometimes you look back at it later and see that there's some truth in it.

A: A novel about an aspiring actress who half-accidentally lost her virginity on camera, which comes back to haunt her in different ways. The political family that she has come from has given her competitive drive.

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