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That includes trees being planted through an Ontario program that the federal Liberal government saved when its funding was cut by Premier Doug Ford's government in April. The role of trees in fighting climate change has been generally understood for some time.

But a landmark study by Swiss researchers in June suggested planting trees could be the most effective and cost-efficient way to fight climate change because of their ability to capture and store carbon dioxide, particularly when they are young and growing. The study, published in the journal Science, also found there is enough space worldwide to plant one trillion trees without affecting existing cities or farmland, and listed Canada among six nations with the space to handle a large share of such efforts.

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Some communities have picked up on the importance of planting trees by issuing challenges, including one in Winnipeg where Mayor Brian Bowman called on residents to plant a million trees over the next 20 years. Victoria last week promised to plant 5, trees by the end of as part of a United Nations challenge. Funds will also be allocated to work to prevent infestations, such as the emerald ash borer, from devastating Canada's forests and regenerating tree cover in areas damaged by wildfires and other natural disasters. The tree-planting plan alone will create around 3, seasonal jobs, Trudeau added, before taking aim at federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and Ford, who has become a popular target for the Liberal leader during this election campaign.

The Liberal leader also attacked Scheer for being the only major-party leader not to participate in a climate march on Friday and accused the Conservatives of refusing to understand, let alone participate, in "the great fight of our time.

Yet even as he sought to bolster his environmental credentials and attack those of the Conservatives, Trudeau faced criticism over his own record. Thunberg also told reporters after meeting Trudeau that while she tries not to "focus so much on individuals," she had told the Liberal leader he was "obviously not doing enough" — an assessment Trudeau said he agreed with.

We need to do more," he said. Click here to join.

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Which writers — novelists, playwrights, critics, journalists, poets — working today do you admire most? Ford and Michael Chabon. How do you distinguish Y. I like to write for and about teenagers, because young people are thinking about so many important questions, about love and meaning and justice. And maybe in part because they are new to those questions, teenagers tend to approach them without much embarrassment or ironic distance.

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My favorite Y. Both those novels are capital-g Great. Has a book ever brought you closer to another person, or come between you? Before my wife and I started dating, we had a two-person book club. We read Toni Morrison and Philip Roth and fell in love little by little. The pleasure is this.